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French Fry finds a home

French Fry. What an interesting name for a dog.

It does indeed have a special meaning. French Fry was found near Howe by someone that had seen her roaming in the area. They had watched her for a day or so and noticed the area around her eyes looked funny. When finally able to catch the dog, it was discovered she had been the product of some type of chemical burn that more than likely caught her on fire. The area around her eyes and her stomach were missing the fur and caked with mud. No one knows for sure but she may have rolled in mud to reduce the pain she was in due to the burns.

Knowing there is a surrender fee at the sanctuary, the kind people that found her set out to raise the money needed to surrender the dog. That money ultimately went toward the medical cost to heal her. Ark Animal Sanctuary took French Fry to the LaGrange Vet Clinic and there they treated her with pain medication, antibiotics and salve.

The volunteers at the sanctuary tended to her medical needs, loved her, talked to her, reassured her and soon began to play with her. It was not long until French Fry began to trust again and seek the companionship of people.

Sandra Cochran, in charge of the animals and their care at the sanctuary, watched French Fry begin to interact with other dogs, her tail soon wagging and her eyes beginning to brighten and her ears tipped forward as she would approach her. She listed French Fry on Pet Finder and it was not long until her new owners were at the sanctuary greeting French Fry for the first time in person.

“They cried when they took her,” Cochran said. “I knew it was a perfect match. It is awesome to see that a dog so abused can turn around and offer so much love.”

“I met French Fry at an adoption event at Petco,” Yancey Painter, the new Ark Animal Sanctuary director, said. “I was immediately touched by her will to survive and how friendly she was to people even after what happened to her.”

“French Fry has been with us for a little over two months now,” said French Fry’s new family, the Conways from Ohio. “Despite her horrible experience, she has been nothing but a loyal, trusting, loving addition to our family. She is very playful and loves stuffed animals. She tears them apart regularly, forcing us to make weekly visits to the Dollar Store. She is a true retriever. This is something that we are not used to, due to the fact that our last black lab, Ellie, would only chase, not retrieve. We love her name and have kept it. Although we love the name, that hasn't stopped us from giving her nicknames such as ‘Frenchie,’ ‘Baby,’ ‘Little Girl,’ and ‘F2.’ French Fry waits and watches people out of the house from our front window seat then bravely announces their return. She’s very funny and cuddly. She goes on ‘puppy runs’ and takes down anything in her path. When she settles down, she lays on pillows and laps.”

French Fry is happy and the Conways are grateful to the people who rescued her and found her medical attention and in this instance the story has a happy ending.