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Four Licks and a wag


Dear friends,

I am feeling kind of lonesome – no one wrote me this week. Here is my address just in case you can’t find it: myarkbuddy@gmail. com or Buddy, P.O. Box 95, Howe, IN 46746.

I have something very serious to share with you this week. I want all dog owners to be reminded of this because it means good health and maybe even life to us. When I go to the woods with my friends, my mom is very careful to check my coat out for things called ticks. They live in the tall, grassy areas and sometimes even in your back yard. They are not very big when they first attach themselves to you but then they get bigger and bigger and can hurt you very much. They can attach anywhere on your body. They can be on your tail, in your ears, on your neck, your tummy, even between your toes!

They carry something called Lyme’s disease. Where we live we need to be careful of the black-legged or deer tick and the western black-legged tick. They are smaller than the other ticks in this area but they can be very dangerous. Usually an infective tick must be attached 48 hours before it is real serious, but it’s best to check your pals often – especially if they spend time outdoors in grassy areas.

Some things you can watch for in us are limping, lymph node swelling, fever, loss of appetite, painful joints, and lethargy. We don’t usually show these signs for two to five months after we have been bitten. Antibiotics help, but don’t stop the disease. We do not spread the disease to our people friends, but we can bring infected ticks into the yard or home. Sometimes they attach themselves to people, too.

At the beginning of each month, my mom puts this liquid she gets at the vet and it helps keep the ticks off of me but if one should bite me it will die and then she just picks it off and throws it away. Please check your best friend often and if you do not have the medicine, visit your vet and get some soon. Your pet depends upon you to take good care of them.

Don’t forget to put the dates of June 22 for the chicken BBQ at Schlemmer’s and Aug. 12 for the Doggie Paddle at the Mongo River Run.

Brian at the Ark Sanctuary is looking for volunteers. If you are interested in helping give Brian a call and have some fun at the ARK!

Your friend, Buddy