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Four legs, a lick and a wag

Dear friends,

So, where will you be on August 7 from 6-8 p.m.? Glad you asked, I will be at the Town Park in Howe with my free pup cup from Happiness is Ice Cream watching the K-9 demonstration – you know I am a K-9 too! I can sniff out cool stuff like pigs, cows, geese and even rabbits! I don’t think this demonstration is about any of my sniffing techniques.

There will also be door prizes, my book, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and the latest, the Lakeland High School contribution of the 2015 Ark Animal Sanctuary Calendar. What a great gift for those you love. You can put my birthday on it (if I knew when it was), my adoption date, my first swim, my loving families, and oh yea, probably things like people birthdays and anniversaries too. I know something that is very important to have on it, your yearly vet check, teeth cleaning and of course heartworm preventative reminders. There are some really cool pictures of my friends at the sanctuary and even some vet tips. My new friends Addie and Irish will be there. They are something else! You talk about stealing my thunder. Not sure what that means, but I heard my town mom say that. I would love to autograph Buddy’s book for you. Sure hope to see you there!

Irish and Addie visited Gertie, Lucy and me this week. They brought this strange looking cage that my town mom set in the back yard. It was high and they were on the inside. I didn’t much care for this arrangement. I don’t think Gertie did either. We ran around the outside while the puppies ran around on the inside. I heard my town my say it reminded her of a childhood book about a tiger and making butter. I didn’t know tigers could make butter. I am so confused. The human world is strange. Anyway, after a little while my town mom let the puppies out into the back yard. Oh my goodness, they loved it. They ran and ran and Gertie and I watched very carefully over them. Lucy sort of stood in the background trying to figure out if she was going to have more brothers and sisters to share with. You know Gertie is pretty big, but she was very gentle with the puppies. She sniffed and I sniffed and then the puppies sniffed. This sniffing stuff is hard work when there are two to sniff. The first greeting went well, and I hope they come back another time to share the back yard with us.

You know I spend time on my lake mom’s pontoon, right? Well I have a life jacket that makes me look pretty spiffy but my mom took it off and let me swim without it. Don’t worry, she was right with me. I was awesome if I do say so. I paddled and paddled and paddled. She called it doggie paddling. How unique. I loved it, but I was sure glad she was right by my side. When we got on the pontoon again on went my jacket. It’s the safe thing to do, you know.

I hope you have a great week. See you for ice cream.

Your “fur-ever” friend, Buddy