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Four legs, a lick and a wag

Dear friends,

I had a great week, sure hope you did too. I spent almost the whole week with my lake mom and we were – yep, on the lake. I learned to do something new. Last year I told you I got to go swimming and spend time on the boat. This year I am learning how to surf. I am not sure I will be ready for the waves in California, but I am getting the footwork down pretty well. You know when you have four feet it is a little tricky. I will keep you posted about my adventure on the board.

Sure hope you have August 2 for our adoption at Wana Feeds in Shipshewana and August 7 for the Pups in the Park Night from 6-8 p.m. Remember I will be there and would love to see you and autograph the Buddy’s Buds book for you. You can get a pup cup of ice cream from Happiness and there will be an opportunity to have your pawprint put on canvas. I think it sounds pretty cool. Sure hope to see you there.

I know that most of the time my column is about me and all my adventures, but I just have to tell you about one of my friends, Lucy, and her adventure last week. She is what my town mom calls a senior citizen. I think that means she is wise but older, too. This is what I overheard her tell a friend. Lucy and Gertie went to Lafayette for their shots and yearly physical from their niece who is a vet. They stayed at Sam’s house and during the night my town mom said she heard some scratching in the room. She said it went on for about 15 minutes, and then stopped. She fell asleep and when she woke up in the morning her socks were in the water dish. She said she thought Lucy was doing the laundry for her. I think she thought they smelled and was trying to clean them. Way to go Lucy.

Just in case you don’t know we have a new staff at the sanctuary. I have met Yancey, Kathy, Victoria and Jonah. They like me and give me lots of scratches and hugs. Stop out and meet them. Just maybe they will give you a biscuit like they do me. If you smile you may get two. Speaking of sanctuary there are some mighty nice dogs out there. Small, medium and large. They are just waiting for their second chance at a new home. I guarantee when you stop out one of them will win your heart. Try it and see, if I am wrong I will get my lake mom to do your windows.

Tip of the week: Paws and pavement. You don’t think about it because you have shoes on. When you are in the parking lot chatting with a friend or loading bags, and your best friend is pulling and jumping, don’t scold him, his paws are burning up. Goes for crossing the street, too. Let your dog walk on the grass if possible. Don’t forget your little bag to pick up all those special fertilizing deposits too. See you next week.

Your ‘fur-ever’ friend, Buddy