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Four legs, a lick and a wag

Dear friends,

If you do not have August 7 marked on your calendar from 6-8 p.m. at the Howe Town Park, you will be sorry! Wow zow, pup cups from Happiness is Ice Cream, door prizes, what door gives a prize?

Hmm, I really don’t understand this at all. This I do know, about paw prints. I stamped a zillion Buddy books. If you didn’t get a book, there will be some available and I will even autograph it for you. This is your chance to have your very own unique print on canvas. Well, not the human print, but the dog print. Ha. I think it sounds like fun. There is also going to be some very talented police guys there to show us how to track drugs and other stuff. You will want to come and get that pup cup, too. Ark is bringing some of my friends for you to meet and just think of all the other cute chicks that might be there too. I am really not into chicks, I like dogs better. Sure hope to see you. I plan to get that pup cup and I would be happy to share one with you.

We have an adoption event planned, too – Wana Feeds in Shipshewana on August 2. Come see my pals and let them win you over to their side and take them home.

It has been a strange week for me. I have actually spent most of it with my lake mom. I haven’t seen Gertie or Lucy at all. I miss them, but I sure like spending time with my lake mom. I have been swimming and boating, and good smells from the grill come my way and every so often I get a small bite. I heard my lake mom talking to my town mom about a fence. I have a fence at Gertie and Lucy’s but not at the lake. I am looking forward to being able to run and run and not have to worry about cars getting in my way. I will keep you posted about how it goes.

My sort of cousin Sam who tore his ACL is doing well. He is a golden and older than me, but he is a good guy and I am glad he is doing well. They were talking about surgery. I am not sure what an ACL is but what I heard is they are glad it is over. I had a surgery not long after I was found but it wasn’t for my ACL.

Tip of the week: Summer brings heat. Heat brings potential problems for us canines. Make sure we have fresh water every day and don’t even think about leaving us in the sun or, worse yet, a closed car. We can become very ill very quickly.

Your “fur-ever” friend, Buddy