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Four legs, a lick and a wag

Dear Friends,

Well, I have had quite a week. My new friend Bentley, I call him Sir Bentley was with us. He is still just a kid. Chases crazy things like the white stuff floating thru the air in July, birds, bunnies (he was scolded for that) I just smiled. We have had fun, chasing the laser at night, walking in the woods (he has to be on a leash) I just smiled. He tried to eat Gerties food, (that doesn’t work) I just smiled. He tried to change the stations on the radio in the car, push the windows up and down, locks on and off, push the telephone, insert a CD (I know all about these things) I just smiled. Do you think he will learn?  I wonder. He is a fun guy and I like having him around. He is more my size and we have a great time. Stick with me kid I will be glad to teach you the ropes.

I have two new puppy friends, Irish and Addie. They are toy poodles. They are really tiny and have unusual names for poodles. Their dad helped them write the first note to me. Here is what they had to say. We’re trying very hard to keep mom and dad busy, and we think we’re succeeding! We play real rough and then we take a nap. Sometimes Irish gets in trouble and mom squirts him with a water bottle. Do you think I should report her? He doesn’t like it and I must admit I do as much as I can to egg him on. Isn’t that what sisters are supposed to do? Irish pounces on me and pulls the hair on my throat and then shakes me. Sometimes I think my head is going to come off. When he isn’t looking I pounce on him. I know that is what sisters are supposed to do. We like to snuggle together in our carrier and I over hear mom and dad say nice things about us. I feel safe and secure. I am sure you will be hearing from us later.

Irish and Addie, thanks for your note. I look forward to hearing more and more about all your adventures.

Tip of the week: If you shop at Amazon you can help the Ark sanctuary. Check it out on the Ark website. http://www.ark go to and follow the prompts. We can sure use your help!

Your ‘fur-ever’ friend,