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Four legs, a lick and a wag

Dear Friends,

Wow, I have much to share with you this week. First of all, school is out and you know what that means? I get to spend MORE time with my lake mom! I am excited about that. I know I will see Gertie and Lucy too and I am glad about that! Gee golly I am so lucky! Pontoon rides are coming my way.

The students at Lakeland High School finished up the calendar for 2015 that they have been working on. It is awesome! Soon it goes to the printer and then you can be one of the first to purchase. All the proceeds go to Ark to help my friends. Thanks Lakeland High School. I can’t wait to see all my friends in the calendar.

If you make a donation to Paws and Claws in Howe, Shipshe Flea market, Ark animal sanctuary or purchase an item at Happiness is Ice Cream in Howe you get a free pup cup for your fur-ever friend. If you don’t want your free pup cup, I will take it! You will receive a small certificate after your donation and just take that to Happiness and then give me a call and I will come get the pup cup if you don’t want it. Thanks Happiness Is Ice Cream!!! I can’t wait.

Sir Bentley visited this week. He came with a sack of all sorts of stuff. Bowls, food, leash, treats, laser light, and energy. I thought maybe he was going to stay forever. We had a blast. We ran and ran and rolled and tumbled in the back yard. We chased one another, walked in the woods and had a great time together.

The thing I don’t understand is this laser light thing. He chases it like he is crazy. A small red light that my town mom uses at night in the back yard and he runs and runs and runs until his tongue is almost as long as his body outside his mouth. I watched. I don’t see the purpose in this little red light. I guess he thinks it is fun. To me it looks like my mom is trying to wear him out. Do you think maybe he doesn’t know this? I think it is more fun to watch him.

My older cousin Sam was chasing a neighbor’s cat in his back yard last week and slipped and tore his ACL. I am not sure what that is, but I know Sam had to have surgery and he is now home and receiving lots of TLC. I do know what TLC is and I am glad Sam is getting lots of it. His sister Luna who is a cat thought she would help him recover so she gave him her little cow. She laid it by bed just in front of his nose. He sniffed at it but I think decided since it had something called cat-nip in it he didn’t want it. It was nice of Luna to try and help. Maybe she should try a biscuit the next time. Best wishes Sam for a quick recovery! In the mean time soak up all the TLC you can.

I think this is a wrap for this week. Be sure to visit Paws and Claws, Ark or the Shipshe Flea Market Paws and Claws for your coupon to Happiness is Ice cream.

Your ‘fur-ever’ friend,