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Four legs, a lick and a wag


Well, what a week! I learned so much, such as how delicious elephant ears are. I also learned they are not really elephant ears – they are just big like an elephant’s ear. I was really worried before I found this out because I was afraid they would not be able to hear if I ate one of their ears. I also learned how much fun it was to see all the people having such a great time, finding out Corn School dates back to 1908 and it comes every year at this time! I am glad I learned so many new things.

The Ark Sanctuary had a popcorn table set up where lots and lots of people came to buy popcorn in support of all the dogs and cats at the sanctuary and to satisfy their sweet tooth. It was really nice of Radiant Hair Salon to give us the space in front of their shop and to supply us with lights and a warm building. Thanks Cindy!

I received a special package this week from my friend Tiger. It had a squeaky toy in it, a laser light (I love chasing laser lights) and a really nice note. Thanks Tiger, I hope to hear from you again soon. I really like hearing from my new friends.

Now for the biggie! Our Ark decorated golf cart (donated by Herron Creek) won 3rd prize. We were shocked. It was “shut the front door” fun decorating the cart with all the animals and the message that all pets have a story. The money will go for my friends at the sanctuary in trying to find forever homes for them. Remember, if you are thinking of a new forever friend in your home call the sanctuary at 463-4142 to make arrangements.

I was a pretty good guy this week. My mom went to a football game with some friends so I got to stay with my schnauzer friends all weekend that I normally stay with during the week. We had a great time playing, going to the woods, talking about the new Buddy Buds book we are trying to stir some interest in, walking around town, talking with my cousins that surprised us from Virginia and my aunt and uncle from Lafayette.  I actually think I didn’t get into any trouble at all. Whew, that will probably never happen again.

The Buddy Buds book is a chance for you to write a short story through the eyes of your pet. You can write about something funny, strange, unique, how your pet got its name, just about anything. You can even send in a picture and it will be published with your story. If you are interested you can check out more details on my blog at I have already received some stories and they are really great. Don’t put it off – get busy and get writing!

The Ark Sanctuary and the Paws and Claws Bookstore can use your help. It’s a really great way to get involved and help our four-footed friends. Call and make a time to find out more about how you can help.

Your friend, Buddy