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Four legs, a lick and a wag

It is a little early, but better that than late, Happy Father’s Day to all the pops.  Here is a little poem for you guys.

Happy Father's Day

from the Dog

You feed me when I'm hungry, You keep water in my dish, You let me sleep on anything Or in any place I wish. You sometimes let me lick your hands, or even lick your face, despite the fact I've licked myself in every private place. You taught me how to come when called, you taught me how to sit, you always let me go outside, and so I can take an s--- stroll. You'll always have my loyalty, up to the bitter end, 'cause after all, it's plain to see... You are a dog's best friend!

I am not quite sure what a garage sale is, but I hear some talk about one at Wall Lake on June 20 & 21. Do they really sell garages and if they do how many garages does a family need?  Language, why don’t people just speak dog? It is a community garage sale which is even more confusing.  I do know that someone at Wall Lake is donating a garage or maybe it is the stuff IN the garage to Ark.  This I do understand. Take a ride there and see how many garages you can put in your car to bring home and while you are there remember Ark!

My friend Sir Bentley is coming for a visit this week. Yippie! He is so full of energy we love to run in the backyard and drive Gertie crazy.  It will be a great few days.  I am sure I will have a Bentley story for you next week.

If you are looking for a way to help at the sanctuary, we could use some picnic tables and benches.  Even some small trees to plant so us guys can do what we do best.

You hear me talk often about being rescued. I do that because I think it is really important. I turned out good – at least that is what both of my mom’s tell me. If it happened with me it can happen with others that need a second chance. I want to let you in on a tip, we know when we have a second chance and we very rarely blow it.  Give some of my good friends a second chance.  Visit Ark and take home a ‘fur-ever’ pal.

Your grateful forever ‘fur-ever’ friend,