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Four legs, a lick and a wag

Dear Friends,

Do you know what BLT stands for? I always thought it was for bacon, lettuce and tomato. I have heard my town mom talk about BLT sandwiches. This BLT is totally different.

I was watching the Today Show with my town mom while she was having coffee and I was of course on her lap soaking up bunches of affection. They were talking about BLT, but it wasn’t the sandwiches. It was a Bear, Lion and Tiger. It was awesome. Well, the beginning of the story wasn’t awesome as they were purchased as babies by someone who thought it would be cool to have three exotic pets. They were abused and found sick in someone’s basement. Sent to a sanctuary in Georgia and grew up together from that point until now. Three animals that should be enemies are best buds.

I know a lot about best buds! They eat together, play together and even nuzzle one another. My town mom says and I agree; animals can teach much. Anyway they are nick named BLT. You should get on the internet and watch the story. We have seen it several times as my town mom likes to watch it.

I was good for most of the week except for one day that Gertie led me astray. She found this good green smelly stuff in the woods and lured me to try a roll in it with her. A brand new pink collar on Gertie came up green and her mom was not happy. Peer pressure sometimes is just too much. Yes we both got baths.

We had our last safety program at Parkside elementary school this week. I love going to the schools as I get so many pets, rubs and scratches. My friends Pip and Daphne were there too and we are already looking forward to next year. It is a great program. The kids learn about how to approach a dog, the importance of proper identification, the necessity of spay and neutering for the health of their pets and about cool stuff like service dogs. Service dogs? I think I am sort of a service dog. I bring comfort, companionship and love to both my moms and I even help sometimes with the laundry. I take it to the back yard but it is usually before it is washed.

Are you keeping up with the Ark animal rescue web site? I hear my town mom talking about it and she says it is awesome. The pictures and stories of other dogs and cats that find their ‘fur-ever’ homes are really interesting. Try checking it out and of course you need to check face book too. I heard her say that if you shop on Amazon and you go through the ark website that Amazon will donate back to the sanctuary. How very cool is that. Each time you shop they will do that. Golly gee just think what that could mean to all my friends.

Tip of the week: Tick season is here in full force. Be sure to check your furry friends regularly for ticks and remove them gently to be sure you get the entire tick out. Ticks and dogs and cats do not go well together. They can cause us to get really sick.

How about an up-date on my friend Willow. She is the gal who was run over by a car and had to have a very expensive operation. The good news is that Willow has been adopted into a great home. The ok news is that we have $200.00 towards her $800.00 vet bill. The challenging news is that you may still donate at the Paws and Claws bookstore, Ark animal sanctuary or the Shipshewana flea market booth 507 to complete her costs. Willow asked me to thank you for your help.

Have a great week. Your ‘fur-ever’ friend,