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Four legs, a lick and a wag

Hi friends and especially moms,

I sure hope your day Sunday was special. You know I believe moms are great. It doesn’t matter if they walk on two legs or four legs or if they have any legs at all. After all, if it were not for moms we would not be here.

Thank you to my two moms and all the other moms in the world for all you do for us. I hope you search your memory and snatch the good memories of your mom. Maybe even tell her you love her. Doesn’t hurt you know to make that known even after Mother’s Day. Give her a smooch and that just might get you an extra biscuit.

It is time to tell you that I have graduated. Not from school, silly, but from an extra-small life jacket to a small. My lake mom said she thinks it is because I am bigger. I think it is because I am stronger from all the swimming and running I get to do and of course the good food I get.

My new jacket is pretty cool. It is orange and black and says “Outward Hound” on it. It has a special handle so my lake mom can just pick me up by the handle, carry some popcorn with her and then we head to the pontoon and do something I love to do – swim. Thanks mom, I know you really bought it to keep me safe in the water and on the boat. I love you, too.

Don’t forget to log onto our website if you are an Amazon shopper because we are now set up so that every purchase you make from Amazon Ark will receive 3 percent of your purchases. You know what that means…better stuff for all my friends at the sanctuary. Speaking of the sanctuary, stop out and take a look at the revised cat facility. My friends that meow love it, and welcome you to come see for yourself.

The flea market is open now and we are near Gate 11 in Booth 507. Stop by and see us. We have some special stuff this year. If you would like to help just call the Paws and Claws Bookstore at 562-2100 and they will tell you how.

Quotes of the week: “Animals are such agreeable friends; they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms” George Eliot

Dogs are a miracle with paws. Attributed to Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy.

Have a good week.

Your “fur-ever friend,” Buddy