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Four legs, a lick and a wag

Dear friends,

Wow, lots to talk about this week. Please read carefully.

First of all did you hear the good news about Reckless? I hear my town mom say “ahhh” when she heard this on the news then I saw her wipe a tear. During Super Storm Sandy a family lost their pet dog, named Reckless. Waiting some time before adopting another, they decided it was the right time and went to a shelter. Guess who they found? You got it – Reckless. Just shows you once again how important tags and chips are! We are happy for Reckless. I am chipped, are you?

Have you gone to our website and then to our Facebook page? Please do because you can help us win $500 by voting. There is a contest called “Just Because” to vote for your favorite charity and of course yours is the Ark Animal Rescue and Adoption, right? My town mom says you can vote each day of the month of May and it only takes about two minutes. Here is the address: Don’t forget to vote each day!

I had quite an adventure this week. Gertie and I found a turkey in the woods. Man, can they run fast. Gertie and I were off like lightning, but that turkey was running crazy and ran up and over the hill away from us. I heard both my moms yelling for us to come back. I am not sure who was more scared, the turkey or Gertie or me. We went back just like we have been taught to do. We each got a biscuit and some pats on our tummies.

I can’t say the whole week was a success. I found some green, gooey stuff in the woods and I thought it would be fun to roll in it. Gertie says it is really more fun to run and slide through it. She knows from experience. I rolled, she watched. She said, “Buddy, you might want to think about what you are doing since you just got a shampoo and a haircut.”

I didn’t pay any attention. I rolled and rolled and rolled. I was pretty proud of my accomplishment. Gertie just shook her head. You probably guessed it by now – I got another bath and no biscuit. I should have listened to Gertie.

The pictures of my buds in the paper this week are special. They are my “senior” friends at the sanctuary. They are good friends. Sometimes I hear people say they don’t want a senior dog. Let me tell you my senior friends have much to offer. Their names are Jada, Miller and Heidi. They are just hoping someone wants a companion that is over the chewing and rolling and that kind of stuff. They will offer you a friendship that will be like no other. They are wise beyond their years and know how to make you happy, asking only your devotion to them in return. How about giving my friends a second chance? Call the Ark Animal Sanctuary and go and meet them. You will like them.

That is a wrap for this week. Have a good week and give your “fur-ever” friend an extra biscuit this week and tell them not to roll in green, gooey stuff.

Your “fur-ever” friend, Buddy