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Four legs, a lick and a wag

Dear Friends,

I received this from my new friend Henry. Thanks Henry for sharing you have a great story.

Dear Buddy,

My name is Henry. You may think that is a unique name for a dog but I have a unique story just like you did. I showed up at a business in February 2014. My friends think I just showed up, but I had them picked out of many. I chose two very kind pharmacists from Topeka. I was injured, I had been shot in my back left hind quarters. The kind pharmacists took me all around the neighbors but no one wanted me. Pictures were posted but no one seemed to be missing me. I sort of look like a fox, I have a beautiful red coat and my face looks a little foxy too. While they were trying to find my home they took me to the vet in Topeka who x-rayed my leg and found buckshot. I am not sure what buckshot is, but I do know it hurt and I had a lot of trouble walking. It was so full of buckshot the vet had to take my leg off.

The two kind pharmacists began looking for an adoptive home. They had someone in mind but were not sure as they had lost their pet in a tragic way and just didn’t want to risk the hurt again. The pharmacists said I was ‘special needs’. (I am not sure what that means but to me it is no big deal.) Little did my ‘future’ family realize but I had them picked out long before they met me. My new human mom just retired and had some extra time on her hands. The pharmacists knew that and thought I might help fill those extra minutes. We were introduced, I still had some bald spots, new fur was coming in, and my surgery was healing well. I turned on the charm; I was super friendly and made sure I didn’t have any expectations to be met. I was on some kind of list at Ark to be adopted but I was determined this would work out. I met other friends, my new cousins and that went very well. I met a Goldie and a large black Lab and a very wiry and excitable Weimrimer. I passed every one of the tests! I knew I would, I was very determined. And after all I am a little foxy.

The search for my new name began. Things like Stumpy, Tri pod were tossed around but those just didn’t seem the right fit. Then my new human sister who teaches art thought of Henry Faulkner who I learned was an artist and sort of a loner but loved animals and was known for taking in stray and abandoned dogs. That was it; my new name would be Henry Faulkner.

I have been taken off that list at Ark and I have a new ‘fur-ever ‘home. I have met lots of new dogs in the neighborhood and I am a very fast learner. My favorite things are running, yes on three legs and I must say I can keep up with the four legged guys just as good, and being scratched on my left side. This summer my new mom and dad and I are going to work on donating enough food to the Ark sanctuary to equal the amount of money that the two kind pharmacists spent on my surgery. I am very grateful to the pharmacists and to my new home people. I am also very excited about helping out Ark. Thanks Buddy for the chance to do this. I hear you are quite the guy! Maybe we can meet someday in a yard.

Your new friend,

Herry Faulker