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Four legs, a lick and a wag


Hi Friends!

Well this is the big week. That Corn School thing is going on. I will finally get to see for myself what it is all about! I have been to school and I know what corn is but I can’t imagine what they mean together. Someone said there is a kitty parade too, and I am wondering why there is no doggie parade?

If you walk by Radiant Hair check out the ARK table. There are some very interesting things going on and this is a great way for you to find out what they are all about, and a super way for you to be a part! There are rumors that information is available for some kind of book that I am getting ready to launch, and you will want to be a part; it is going to be so cool! Thanks Cindy for the space in front of your store.

I heard there are going to be elephant ears that you eat. I never thought about eating something like this. Does this mean some elephant is walking around with no ears? How do they keep the bugs off their heads and can they still hear? They are so big how can someone eat a whole one? My mom told me that if you ever blow in an elephant’s trunk, they will never forget you. Do you do this before you eat the ears or after? Oh my goodness so many new things to discover. I just can’t wait. I bet I will have trouble sleeping.

The final tally for the ARK animal dinner and auction are in and we did very well, $8,000.00. This is going to help so many of my friends feel better and find forever homes. I want to raise my paw to all who helped make this such a success. In fact I want to raise all my paws! Just in case you don’t know that means I am jumping for joy! Thanks and whopping big wiggles and wags to all of you who in some way helped and participated.

My mom just told me because so many people will be in town this week it is very important to make sure I am safe. Please make sure your pet has his or her collar on with tags that will tell who they belong to just in case they get lost in the crowds. It is always a good idea to wear a collar with tags but very important this week. It would really be best even though you like to be with your pet to leave them at home when you go to the fair. The streets my mom says get very crowded and your pet would probably be happier at home with the remote watching Animal Planet.

I was in a bit of trouble this week. It just seems to find me. I was in the back yard with my friends that I stay with during the day and the ground began to wiggle. It wiggled and wiggled so I dug and dug. Guess what! There was this small little brown thing that came to the surface and started running around. Well you guessed it; I caught it and took it up on the porch. Well I was in trouble for putting it on the porch plus for digging a hole. I just can’t win some days. Then when I went for my daily run in the woods with my best friends, I chased some big fellas with long tails and long legs and wow they ran fast. I ran with them for a while and then I decided they were too big for me so I left and found my mom and other friends. She was very happy I came back but she also told me I should never chase these guys. They have big feet and I could get hurt really bad. I listened because I could tell by her voice she was very worried. It was fun, but I didn’t think about how dangerous it was. I will try hard not to do this again.

Don’t forget to check out the ARK booth and have some delicious popcorn, all different flavors too! I thought pop corn was pop corn, but not so. Check it out! The Craft Fair in Shipshewana is this weekend as well. Some of my friends from the Sanctuary will be there along with lots of pictures of those who need forever homes. I hope you can check this out and maybe even find a friend that will be your forever friend. Remember if you are ready for your forever friend call the Sanctuary at 463-4142 they are waiting for just you!

See you next week! Your Friend,