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Four legs, a lick and a wag

Dear friends,

I don’t think my lake mom will be wearing green. I kind of think it might be black because her favorite green team did that awful thing this past weekend. Sorry mom.

My town mom had her family with her this weekend and I overheard them talking about whisker sensitivity. Gee, I had never heard of this before so I listened with both ears in to find out more. They were talking about my friends the cats. I thought it was kind of silly, this whisker sensitivity stuff, but I listened as they talked. I guess it happens to some cats but not every cat. I know cats’ whiskers help them in many different ways so I guess it could be they might become sensitive.

Anyway they said if that does happen to get a bowl that is large enough that the whiskers don’t touch the side of the bowl. Me? Well I am not a cat, but I am a sensitive guy. It is okay for guys to be sensitive. In fact it shows a real strong character. I can tell when my moms are upset, happy, discouraged, angry, and well, just about anything. I heard my town mom’s family call it fur therapy. They smile when they talk about it and then they look at me and my friends Gertie and Lucy. It must be we all have it. I don’t think it was something that had to be purchased or checked out of a store. I just think it is something that makes others feel good, and that is good enough for me.

My mom found this poem and I heard her say, ahhhh Buddy, this is good. Here it is: “You can’t buy loyalty, they say, I bought it though the other day. You can’t buy friendships tried and true – Well just the same, I bought that too. I made my bid and on spot – Brought love and faith and a whole job lot – Of happiness so all in all – The purchase price was pretty small – I bought a single trusting heart, that gave devotion from the start – If you think these things are not for sale, buy a brown-eyed puppy with a wagging tail.”

I think spring break is around the corner for all the kids in school and the teachers. Be safe when you are in the sun and use sunscreen to help protect yourself. I get to be with Gertie and Lucy all week – we are going to have a blast! Bet I will have a good story next week.

   Your fur-ever friend, Buddy