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Four legs, a lick and a wag

Dear Friends,

I hit the wrong key while my town mom was typing my story and it disappeared. She was not very happy. You see, I sort of like to help her type by hitting her arm with my paw (really so she pays attention to me) and I guess I hit the wrong key. She looked at me and said, “Buddy, if I didn’t love that little face of yours I would not be happy.” She picked up her computer and I snuggled beside her in the chair and now we are trying to remember what she typed. I love her.

Wiggles and Wags to the Wolcott Mills Bulldogs. They did this penny pitch thing. I am not sure exactly what that is, but I do know they raised over $350.00 for my friends at the Ark sanctuary! Pretty cool isn’t it. It has something to do with pennies and silver and paper. I am going to have to find out more about it. We have so many good people in our area who are helping the sanctuary. Thanks Bulldogs for a job well done. Check out the web site there are some pretty cool kids on there from Wolcott Mills.

The coloring contest is still active and waiting for your picture to be displayed at the Paws and Claws bookstore. Pictures are on our face book and web site or you can pick them up at the bookstore. Deadline is March 17th. Join in the fun. I will be signing and giving you one of my books for the best picture.

Our cat facility will be getting a “cat lift.” We can always use money, but also cat towers, litter pans, fencing, chicken wire, self feeders, toys, small condos, and scratching posts. Us dogs don’t need scratching posts – we just go dig, ask my town mom about that!

My friend Koby was with us this week. His mom and dad were at Disney. I wonder if they saw my good friends Pluto and Goofy? It was fun having Koby with us, he still doesn’t have this pig deal in his head. He still wants to chase them so he has to be on a leash in the woods. I tried to explain to him about the freedom he would have if he would just listen, but he is a schnauzer and we all know schnauzers can be a little stubborn.

Check out our face book page for a Presidential dog quiz. My town mom and I took the quiz and we did pretty well. There are some interesting facts about all the dogs that have lived in that big house that is white. Don’t tell anyone but you can find the answers are on the did you know page of our web site.

Tip of the week: Penny’s turn into nickels, nickels into dimes, dimes into quarters, quarters in halves and halves into dollars. Thank you to all the people who give to the sanctuaries, shelters and rescues who help many dogs and cats find fur-ever homes.

Your fur-ever friend, Buddy