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Four legs, a lick and a wag

Dear Friends,

Listen… Meow, meow, meow, meow. That is cat talk for wiggles and wags. Wiggles and wags is dog talk for something good. That something good involves you!

The Ark animal sanctuary has decided to up-date the cat facility at the sanctuary. Can you hear all the meows? I can and I think they are saying they are excited! They are even wagging their tails. Do cats wag? I don’t know I guess it doesn’t matter. What matters is they will be very happy when it is done.

Here is how you can help. You can donate to the Ark animal sanctuary the following: Scratching posts, self feeders, litter pans, chicken wire, fencing and cat towers and of course monetary as well. You may want to donate in honor of someone or in memory of someone or a just because.

A reminder - when you donate money make your check out to the Ark Animal Sanctuary, or you can send it to the Paws and Claws bookstore. Your gift is tax deductable. I don’t know what that means; I just know it helps you out as well. So, Wiggles and wags, oops I mean meows to all of you who will be helping.

I met this guy named St. Patrick and we teamed up to do something special. On our web site, www.arkanimalrescue. or on our face book page are special pictures of dogs that you can color and turn in your best to the Paws and Claws bookstore by March 17th. You can color as many pictures as you like but please make sure your name and phone number is on each picture.

All pictures will be displayed at the Paws and Claws bookstore. Good Luck! Oh I almost forgot, best one gets a Buddy’s book. You can pick up a picture to color at the bookstore if you don’t have a printer at home and you can send your picture to P.O. 95 Howe, In. 46746 or bring it in.

My town mom says you need to check this out on the internet. She said to Google whatever that means “if it fits, I sits” super cut on youtube. I heard her cracking up over it. Strange she is. Then she picked me up and said, “Buddy, check this out.” You know what? I wrinkled up my top lip laughed too. It is sort of crazy, but worth your time.

I was a good guy this week, until… I jumped from my town moms’ car and was told to go right into my lake moms’ car. But, well you know me pretty well by now. Nope, I took off. I was fully aware of what I was doing and I wasn’t going to get into any trouble, but whow-ee you should have heard my two moms yelling. I ran and ran and then I heard a different tone in my lake moms’ voice and I knew I was scaring her so I stopped. She picked me up and told me how much I scared her. I am sorry mom; I didn’t want to scare you I just love to run. I will try harder not to scare you like that.

New fact for the week: One in every three US families owns one or more dogs. We have just the perfect one for you at the Ark animal sanctuary!

Your “fur-ever” friend,