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Four legs, a lick and a wag

Dear Friends,

Zippy wow eee! Some puppies were adopted! The pups still waiting a home from mama are all lab look a-likes and are waiting to entertain you with “puppy” antics. I know all about puppy antics and I am thinking there are some readers out there that are just waiting to enjoy the pleasures of puppies. Check them out, they are all winners in my book.

My lake mom and I were driving and saw a sign that said “think spring”…after getting home and watching my her shovel 8 more inches of snow I decided that Phil guy really has to go. There are very large icicles dangling from our house and I keep jumping when cold temps make our outdoor deck make loud cracking sounds.

It is very easy to find the spots my neighborhood friends have visited in the large banks of snow. All this snow let me spend more time with my lake mom since school was closed. She did a lot of school work but we got to watch some movies, sleep in and take some walks. I can do a great impression of a white tail deer trying to jump through the snow banks until the plow comes and then I jump like an Olympian.

I see red hearts everywhere and I hear talk about something called Valentine’s Day. My lake mom explained to me what it was all about as we had some extra time together this week due to that crazy hog named Phil and something to do about a shadow. I thought the only hogs around were the ones I chased, and maybe I should have chased this one back into his house.

Then I was told Phil is actually a ground hog and the hogs I chase in the woods are hogs but also called pigs. Oh my goodness I will never get it straight.

Anyway, I want to share some Valentine’s Day thoughts with all of you. I have been thinking all week about these things as I have had some extra couch time.  I love all my human friends because: they picked me, feed me, play with me, are concerned about all my friends, it doesn’t matter if I have dirty feet ,I get regular health check-ups, I get my teeth cleaned on a regular basis, I am on heart worm preventative, sometimes I get sick and you clean it up and say it’s ok and give me a pat on my tummy, let me bring some friends home for an overnight stay, help my friends at the sanctuary, watch out for those pals of mine who don’t have a good home, I have a jacket for the bad weather, I don’t really like a bath and hair cut, but you see I get one anyway, spend time with me, I feel secure, I get a little real bacon almost every Sunday, I get pats on my head and sometimes kisses too ( I really like the kisses), I get covered up when I am sleeping, and finally because I am yours. Special thoughts to all my friends, Gertie, Lucy, Bentley, Fred, Ethel, Bootsie, Ember, Cinder, Patches and all the others that I have grown to love. I hope your Valentine’s Day is special. Maybe you should give your person a pat on the head and a kiss, or maybe just snuggle up beside them and give them the I love you look that melts their heart.

Tip of the week: A great Valentines gift would be one of the great dogs or cats at the Ark Animal Sanctuary. I hear there some great buddies there.

Your “Fur-ever” Friend,