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Four legs, a lick and a wag

Dear friends,

Check out our website,, and you will see a nose. Yes, I said a nose. It is a friend’s nose and he is asking you a question. He wants to know the story behind your name. You can send it to Paws and Claws Bookstore, P.O. Box 95, Howe, IN 46746 or e-mail it to arkanimalresuce I think it will be fun to hear the “tails” behind the names. Here is mine.

My lake mom had two dogs before me. The time for them to join other friends with no problems anymore occurred and when I asked her the story behind my name, she said, “Buddy, I just needed a Buddy.” I have several nicknames too, I hear her call me Butter sometimes and my town mom calls me Budsy and Lucky. I wonder why Lucky? It doesn’t matter to me, I like them all.

Lucy’s name came from the TV show “I Love Lucy.” She has been true to her name – when she was younger she told me she found herself in all sorts of mischief. Things like toilet paper all over the living room. Ha, I know a little about TPing.

My friend PD’s name came from a schnauzer named Peepers P. and another named Scooter D.

Gertie told me she was given a German name because that is where giants first came from. I sometimes hear my town mom call her Gertrude and Gertie-Gert.

My friend Bentley was named so when people asked about it they would think he was talking about that very unique car. He said it’s been fun watching people’s eyes get wide when his mom and dad say they have a Bentley. So, you see almost every pal has a history to their name. Share yours and we can have some fun.

My mom number three took me to the woods this week because my town mom went to Indianapolis. This is what she said, “I didn’t know one little dog could do all this: step on the window button, lock button, wiper handle, emergency button, radio station five times, and give me five licks all on the way to the woods.” Once in the woods she said I was running to catch Gertie and ran in place for about 10 seconds on ice trying to catch her. It was a unique experience.

It is going to be very cold again this week. Please make sure your best friend has enough shelter, fresh food and water. It would be even greater if you would bring them inside while it is so cold.

Abby, my yellow lab friend, thank you for the hundreds of people you helped “launch” into enjoyable journeys. You will be missed.

Tip of the week: “Never stand between a dog and the hydrant.” John Peers.

   Your friend fur-ever, Buddy