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Four legs, a lick and a wag

Dear friends,

It is a new year and what a snow and cold blast to begin it with! My little legs have to work extra hard to keep up with Gertie in the woods, but I do it. Exhausted I am when I return, but it is lots of fun and I am always ready to go again.

I have been thinking this past week what to write about. I can tell you my lake mom returned from that Rose Bowl thing and she was all smiles so I figured her team won. I can also tell you my town mom and I had a great week while she was gone. I missed her for sure but I cuddled under blankets and pulled on toys with Gertie and had many walks with warm clothes on for sure.

I become a little reflective this time of year. For those of you who have not read my column for the past two years let me share just a little with you. It was during the month of January that I was picked up in a freezing rainstorm and taken to my town mom’s home. There I thawed out, slept and ate all the food I wanted. There I waited and waited to be found from the family that let me roam without a collar and tags. Not to be found I ended up with my lake mom. Now I have two moms. Now I have a collar and tags and I am micro-chipped as well. Now I have a warm bed, jackets, and toys, but most of all love and security. It is now I wonder about all the other buds of mine that are still wandering – lost and cold. Please if you see a bud of mine take them in and try and find the owner. If they don’t have a collar on they may still be micro-chipped. Any vets office or the Ark Animal Sanctuary can determine that for you. Don’t let them roam during this time of year – it is very, very dangerous.

I want to thank Mr. Connelly for allowing me to write this column for the past two years. We sure have had some fun discussions and I have met some very interesting and fun people. I want to make this coming year even better than the past two years. This is where you can help. Write your story and tell me all about what a great life you have and some of the things that you do to bring smiles to your owners’ faces. You can send them to the Paws and Claws Bookstore, PO Box 95, Howe, IN 46746.

You can also help us out with coins and dollars. Thank you for putting them in the dog houses that are placed around the area and for all of you that remembered the sanctuary during the Christmas season. We could not help all my friends if it wasn’t for you. You can help anytime and we will always really appreciate it!

Quote of the week: Dogs are miracles with paws. ~ Attributed to Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy

Rescued and proud of it! See you next week.