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Four legs, a lick and a wag

Sure hope you had a great Christmas! I did. Want to know why? Because I have a warm place to live and many who love me. It was awesome waking up on Christmas morning knowing I was going to get lots of hugs, scratches and some extra goodies.

My lake mom is going to the Rose Bowl. I finally found out what that was. I know she is pretty excited and now I know why I have a Michigan State sweater. I think my town mom and I will watch the game just to see if we can spot her.

I met a new friend this week. His name is Sam. He is a 13 year old golden retriever that was rescued from the side of a road in the middle of the winter. He really just likes to be rubbed and go for short walks. He was a pretty cool guy but not much into playing.

Sam is a heart worm survivor. Heart worm disease is treatable but is expensive. Sam was in treatment for 6 weeks. During that 6 week time he was not allowed to play, get excited or do anything fun like go to the woods. I would be horrified if I could not go to the woods. Sam is better now and his owners make sure he gets his heart worm prevention each month even in the winter months. For the cost of a latte (and yes I know what that is) you can prevent heart worm in your friends. Check with your vet for the kind of prevention for your best friend.

Want to hear a good joke? While in the mountains of Colorado, on a rescue mission a St. Bernard puppy came to his Mom and asked , are you sure I am a St. Bernard? Her reply was yes dear. The next day he came back to her and said are you really sure I am a St. Bernard? Her reply was yes dear I am really sure. Your father is a St. Bernard, I am a St. Bernard, your brother is and so is your sister so I am sure you are. The third day he said to his mom, are you really, really sure I am a St. Bernard? She answered him, yes dear why do you keep asking? He said because I am really cold.

During the November tornado in southern Indiana a family had their home totally destroyed and the family pet was missing. Their 10 year old daughter was very upset. About a week later the dog was found 45 miles away from home. The dog was turned in as a stray. After the waiting period the dog was adopted to a new family. A neighbor posted his picture on line and through the internet it was discovered the dogs rightful owner. After some discussion it was determined the dog should go back to the original owner. This is a story that almost didn’t have a happy ending as the dog was not chipped. I am chipped and it is a good thing to have your pet chipped just in case you get separated from them.

Tip of the week: Heart worm prevention saves lives. Make sure your friend is heart worm tested and prevention all year long.

Your Friend, Buddy