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Four legs, a lick and a wag

Merry Christmas Friends,

Any last shopping you need to do? Did you remember the Ark animal sanctuary? We always need cleaning supplies. Bleach, paper towels, toilet paper, laundry soap, toys, biscuits, food, volunteers, and the most important thing, people to adopt my friends that are there.

Some really neat stories in the news this week. Did you read about the black lab named Orland in New York, the service dog who helped save his master after he fell into the sub way tracks, and now is able to live with him when he retires. Plus, the owner will receive a new service animal thanks to those who helped after seeing the story on the news. Cool!

The story of the dog found in the garbage pit, was rescued and now living with a family. I love stories like this. I wonder why stories like this only surface during the Christmas season? You know you can write to me any time with your warm fuzzy story” and I will print it. We have a really cool story from our own sanctuary dealing with 15 puppies and a mama dog. Look for it in the paper and on our web site.

I told you a story a while back about my friend Fred the cat and his house mate Ethel. Well, Fred was at it again. His owner was wrapping Christmas presents and Fred like most cats loves to be wherever his owner is and involved with whatever she is doing. He was on the table with the presents, wrapping paper and scotch tape. He was quite a big help. He ended up helping with the wrapping but in the process got his tail in the scotch tape and when he realized he had been taped to the scotch tape his tail began to swing it back and forth. While doing that he spun Ethel off the table along with the presents and the wrapping paper. I laughed out loud when my town mom’s friend told her. You know of course I would never do something that silly, right?

People have been so generous with our acrylic houses around the area. I help my town mom take empty these little houses and take all the money to the sanctuary as it helps with supplies, food, toys, and medical issues. Thank you so much for dropping your coins and that paper stuff in the houses. Our philosophy is every penny helps!

Tip of the week: "The reason a dog has so many friends, is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue" – Anonymous

I wish all my readers a very Merry Christmas. Remember to take good care not only with food but with love all your four footed friends in the home. I heard Santa really likes chocolate chip cookies and that Rudolf likes carrots. I will make sure we put them out on Christmas Eve.

Your Friend, Buddy