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Four legs, a lick and a wag

Dear Friends,

Parkside Panda’s rock! Parkside Panda’s rock! Parkside Panda’s rock! I went to Parkside elementary school last week along with Rukus a lab/great Dane fella from the sanctuary to receive a check for $1,002.06 plus 27 tarps for the Ark animal sanctuary.

The “Pandas for Pooches” challenge that took only 6 days to raise the money was so cool. Rukus demonstrated his talents by showing us some of his tricks which included waving, bowing, brushing and flossing his teeth in addition to retrieving a towel and toys. Thank you Panda’s for your help in making my buddies at the sanctuary more comfortable during the winter months. I really enjoyed coming to Parkside and seeing all of you. I sure hope I can come again!

I have been good this week because I know that guy in the red suit is coming. In fact, he will be at Carney’s decorating Dec. 14th from 10-2 for pictures with a friend, pet, team, elk, reindeer or snowman. I am going and I can hardly wait. My town mom said we can get a picture with Santa for $10.00 and ALL the money goes to my pals at the Ark animal sanctuary to help with blankets and the new cat facility in the spring. I sure hope to see you there! There is going to be some goodies and a drawing. Not sure what a drawing is, but whatever it is it will be fun.

I heard something really cool on TV this week while watching the National dog show. This gal was talking about manners and training your dog and she said that dogs are to heal on the left side of the person who is walking them. Well, I already knew that because that is what I am told every day when we walk but then she went on to say that there is a different kind of healing. I listened very carefully because what she said was so cool. She said there is a healing that goes on in the heart of every pet owner. It is totally different that the type that happens when you walk. Sort of goes along with what I believe - we help make life complete.

Wiggles and Wags to Kay and Kent for some help financially with the dog park. I sure hope you have been able to see all my friends run and run and run inside the park. It just really warms your heart. We appreciate your kindness.

The Paws and Claws is decorated for Christmas and has some special books for you to consider. Patches also told me this week that Tawny is expected back to help with the books. We have missed her and glad she will soon be back.

Tip of the week: A dog that is frightened will have a combination of ears down and pulled back, wide eyes with large pupils, a lowered tail a panting mouth, and will be retreating or cowering. Fearful dogs will move to a position where they feel safe, a tucked-away corner where they can’t be approached from behind.

That is a wrap for this week. Visit the sanctuary and make a new friend or better yet take a new friend home for a forever home. Remember, rescued is a great breed!

Your Friend,