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Four legs, a lick and a wag

My friend, Sir Bentley, is with me this week. Remember, he is a King Charles spaniel.

Yes, there is another pig story. Bentley is on the leash in the woods as he has not mastered the “come” thing yet. We rounded the curve in the woods and there they stood - the very large pigs. My town mom said “Buddy, no.” I behaved. Yes I got a treat.

Bentley darted towards the pigs. He could only go just so far because of the retractable leash. When he reached the end of the leash, one pig snorted. Bentley could not retract fast enough and if my town mom’s arms would have been open he would have jumped into them. He has so much to learn. He is a fun guy and we have a blast in the back yard running, rolling, barking, jumping, and just being together. He is trying to talk his mom and dad into a brother. I told him there are many good choices at the Ark animal sanctuary. I think he is going to ask for a brother at Christmas.

If you notice the acrylic dog houses around the county they have a new picture displayed for the Christmas season. Remember every little bit that we gather in these dog houses goes to the animal sanctuary to help my friends. Thanks for all you have already done to help us.

The Parkside Panda project is nearly done. If you check out the Ark website ( you will see some pictures of kids with the coin collection and having fun with painting some of the tarps they gave the sanctuary to help with the wind and allow my friends to spend more time outside during the winter months. I can’t wait until next week when I get to go to Parkside and see all the kids and get a kiss from the Principal. Wowiee! I even got my hair cut for the occasion. Maybe I will get lucky and get two. Thanks Parkside Pandas for being so generous!

Next week is going to be really busy for me as I am going to Prairie Heights elementary school. The 4th grade safety program with LaGrange Parkview, Sheriff’s department and Red Cross will be there. Ark has a section of pet safety and I get to go this week. Pip and Daphne were at Topeka Elementary last week. I spoke to them and they said they had a super time, met kids that just wanted to pet them and find out more about how important good pet ownership is. I can relate to that big time. I remember all too well how it is to be cold and not have a home. I am practicing my little talk so it is perfect.

Remember to pick up your pictures at the Paws and Claws bookstore if you submitted one for Buddy’s Buds book. Check out the displays, they are gearing up for the Christmas season.

Tip of the week: What does it mean when a dog yawns? It doesn’t mean they are tired. They yawn if they come under pressure and are unsure what they should do next. It is an anxiety reaction.

Find a forever friend and rescue them! Buddy