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Four legs, a lick and a wag

Dear friends,

I want to let all my readers know that if they submitted a picture for the Buddy’s Buds book those pictures are at the Paws and Claws Bookstore and can be picked up at the main desk. There are some remaining books and would make a great Christmas gift for a pet lover!

I want you to know if you have been following the column I have been a very good guy this week. I watch the pigs, but when I hear my town mom say “Buddy” I know that means a treat. So I am willing so far to give up the pigs for a treat.

I have heard on the radio and on TV about Veterans Day. My town mom explained a little about what it means. She told me about dogs that were used in the military for special details and are still being used to help our men and women in the service. Wow, what courage! We may have four legs and tails, but our hearts are big and given the chance we will defend those we love for as long as we can. Thank you veterans for your loyal service to our country.

Check out our website at and see some cool pictures of war dogs.

Have you ever Skyped? Well guess what…I have. It was awesome. I didn’t know much about this either but my lake mom has a new teacher living with her right now whose family is in Spain and she wanted to Skype with her family. I sat right on her lap and met her husband and her kids. I can’t wait until I can meet them in person. I just love learning new things. Thanks Elena for the opportunity!

My friends at the Ark Animal Sanctuary can use blankets now that it is colder and Parkside Pandas are still collecting money for tarps for the cages to help block off the wind. You may want to begin saving for special Christmas gifts for the friends at the sanctuary. One very special gift would be a forever home. Check it out, someone may just tug at your heart and you will know when that happens you have found a forever friend!

Wiggles and wags to Scott. He was at the sanctuary last weekend and boy, does it look nice outside. Thanks Scott for all your hard work!

Tip of the week: Check your pet’s collar and tags. If the collar is too tight it can cause swallowing problems or if it is too loose it can come off. The tags are important if your pet gets loose. Sometimes we forget to check these two things. Be a responsible pet owner for your best bud.

Don’t forget, I still like hearing from you.

    Your rescued friend, Buddy