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Four legs, a lick and a wag


"Shawns Story"

T- 7 days until the annual animal auction dinner at the 4-H Fair grounds! Just in case you don’t know, doors open at 5:00 p.m. dinner (sold out) 5:30 p.m. silent auction going on from the time the doors open until the live auction at 7:00 p.m. You do not need a ticket to come to either of the auctions, or a ticket to meet me and discover who the winner is for the drawing contest the past few months. Sure hope you come I am getting pretty excited. There are so many items donated it is hard for me to make up my mind what I want.

I heard from a friend in Ft. Wayne this week, his name is Shawn. I do believe his guardian angel was sitting on his shoulder. Shawn is a 14 year old sheltie, who cannot see or hear. Here is his story:

My owners let me out to go to the restroom in the back yard. They fell asleep on the sofa. I had my tags on with my name, address and phone number on them. I began wandering around the back yard. Since I am 14, I don’t wander to quickly so I am sure my owners thought I couldn’t get too far I know they love me and would never have dreamed I would go very far from home. Well, I proved them wrong. I ended up about a mile from home. That would not be too bad if I had stayed in friends back yards, but of course being independent I wanted to take a different course of action, so I walked across a 4 lane highway right up to a CVS pharmacy. Cars must have known I couldn’t see or hear as believe it or not I had no close calls, well I think I had no close calls – don’t really know for sure. When my owners discovered I was gone they were frantic. Frantic? I don’t know what that means, but I think they were scared something was going to happen to me. They went searching, calling my name, but that didn’t help as I couldn’t hear them, they asked neighbors but no one had seen me. It was dark so they went home. In the mean time I was standing at CVS and I kept opening the door with my foot. Finally someone came to the door and saw that I had tags on so they called the number. It was busy. Would you believe I later learned my family had accidently hit the phone and it was on the floor? Oh my goodness, what to do now? CVS finally called the Animal Care in Ft. Wayne. I got to ride in a police car and had extra special pets all the way to the Animal Care. They took really good care of me, gave me my own bed, food and water. I was petted so much I was beginning to wonder if I would have any hair left! They too called the number but it was still busy. Meanwhile my family was sad thinking something really bad happened to me. Someone in the family discovered the phone was off the hook and put it back on. When my mom got home from work there was a message that the Animal Care had me and that I was un-hurt and ready to come home. The only problem was they were closed for the weekend. So, I spent the entire weekend at the Animal Care place, eating good meals, getting lots and lots of pets and you know what they did? They put a new tag on me that looks like a bone and it says, deaf and blind. What a great idea. I felt so much better knowing that if I got lost again people would know that I had some obstacles and they would be more patient with me. Well, I went home finally and everyone was happy. Karsten my sister was really happy; she gave me the biggest hug I ever had. I am a very lucky guy! My owners now realize they need to take a little extra time with me outside. Thanks Animal Care, I appreciate all the extra love and care you gave me. I was a little scared, but you made my visit better talking to me and petting me to re-assure me everything was going to be ok. Please make sure if your pet has special circumstances that the tags on their collars have that information on it. Thanks Buddy for sharing my story.


You are very welcome and I am so glad you were able to get back home to safety and the love of your family. My dear friends, please remember what Shawn says and make sure your pets have tags, labled and if your best friend has a special circumstance make sure that gets on the tag as well.

Your Friend,