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Four legs, a lick and a wag

Dear friends,

    What happens when it rains cats and dogs? Find out at the end of the column!

    Well, I had a great week. I sure hope you did, too. Best part was some of my friends at the Ark Animal Sanctuary found their forever homes!  Now if that isn’t cool I sure don’t know what it is. And just in time to share Thanksgiving and Christmas in a loving, warm and secure environment.  Wiggles and wags to those humans who adopted my buds!

    I also learned some very interesting things about pigs. You remember my first encounter with them?  Well, my town mom took my little head and my short beard and looked me straight in the eyes as best she could because you all know we don’t like to make eye contact and she said to me, “NO PIGS BUDDY!”  She repeated it about five times; I guess she thinks I can’t hear very well. I got it the first time.  But I listened because this is what she said, “Buddy, pigs can hurt you. They are very big, and heavy and smart. Not as smart as you, but very smart. And, do you know that bacon you sometimes get? Well, that comes from those pigs.” I was shocked, I had no idea I was eating pig. I was just having fun playing with them, I don’t want to eat them. I must admit it is pretty tasty, but I still don’t want to eat the creatures I play with. I have tried very hard to not go over where they are in the woods. I hear her saying “NO” every time we get close. If I stay away, I get a reward. So, I guess it is worth it. I don’t get bacon, but it is still pretty tasty.

    Another thing I learned this week is about teeth. Now, my teeth are young, strong and in very good shape. My town mom had Gertie at the vet’s this week because she tore a toenail bounding over logs the woods. She got some antibiotics and some pain medication and she is fine, but while in the office Gertie was reading about teeth.  This is what she told me.  Did you know that 85% of us dogs will have teeth problems?  If all that gunk is not taken off teeth on a regular basis all the bacteria could lead to kidney liver, heart problems in adult dogs.  All that bacteria spreads throughout our bodies and it’s called, periodontitis.  We are supposed to have our teeth cleaned on a regular basis.  Lucy told me later that she has lost about 8 teeth because of not having her mom take better care of them.  I am going to have a visit with my lake mom and make sure she knows about this.  I sure want to keep my pearly whites!! I like flashing them at the gals.

Tip of the week: The best way to train your dog not to attack another animal is to introduce it to that animal at an early age and in a neutral environment. Dogs can live peacefully with other animals like cats, bunnies, birds, etc if they are introduced early in our years.

Have you check out Maggie on the web?  We would like for you to be our friend on face book as well. Lots of neat pictures and stories.  That is a wrap for this week.  Give your best friend a scratch on their head and a pat on their heart.

Rescued is my favorite breed,

Buddy   (answer: You have to be careful not to step in a poodle.)