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Four legs, a lick and a wag

My mom was talking about mosquitoes in the winter. I thought she was silly. She said she picked up a flyer at the vet’s and this is what it said. Mosquitoes are probably not in this area in the winter, but the threat of heartworm is still possible. She said the prevention in the winter is just as important as it is in the summer and these are the reasons why:

1. Heartworm medicine works by killing the parasites that your pet picked up the previous month. If you stop giving the medicine too early, the parasites might remain and cause a problem.

2. In many areas the weather remains mild and mosquitoes continue to bite and cause heartworm.

3. If you live around here but travel to a warm area you may expose your pet to the heartworm infection.

4. Getting the timing just right to start and stop is hard. It is just best to stay on a regular monthly schedule. It is best to stay on your meds all year long.

Maggie, a friend of mine that was involved in the Pooches Paddle down the Pigeon River in July, has a contest for you to enter on our website, www.ark Find Maggie’s picture and check it out.

I think you will have fun. You will want to check out the web and see all the volunteers that helped at the Paws and Claws Bookstore at the Shipshewana Flea Market this summer. I want to thank you all for helping as all the money you raised goes for my friends at the sanctuary. You will also want to check out the new question and answer section on the website. Ask me a question and I will give you my answer. I think this will be fun.

Rumor has it that the dogs at the sanctuary are loving the new fenced-in dog park. They love to run, smell, roll, find new places to put their noses, and come back tired. I know they look forward every day to having the freedom they so deserve. I am so very happy for them. If I close my eyes I can see their tails wagging and smiles on their faces.

The Parkside Pandas are entering into a challenge at Parkside Elementary, “Pandas for the Pooches,” to help the sanctuary. They want to purchase tarps for the outside runs to shelter the dogs from the winter winds. They are collecting pennies and nickels in their individual classes. Each class will have a container with a picture of a dog from the sanctuary that needs to be adopted. I do believe I heard they are going to decorate the tarps as well. How very cool is that! I am sure if you have kids at Parkside or even if you just want to help, they will be glad for the contributions.

I also heard the big Panda is going to make an appearance at the sanctuary. I am pretty sure there are no bamboo shoots there but maybe we can find something else for him to eat. I sure hope I get to meet him. I have never seen a panda. Are they bigger than pigs?




I never heard of a senior project before this week, but I sure learned fast. There are a group of seniors at Lakeland High School who are sponsoring a dog fashion show from 6-8 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 5, at the school’s auditorium. I hate to tell them this, but I will probably win. All the money collected from the registration fee to the admission fee will go to the Ark Animal Sanctuary.

There are certain categories: Pet and Owner Combination, Superheroes, Food, Animals and Movie Characters. If you need more information you can contact the Lakeland High School main office. I think it sounds like a blast! Get your costumes ready and enter to help my friends. Get your best friend and their best friend to enter and help us out.

Also during the month of November, the cosmetology class in Kendallville will be giving free haircuts for people with two donations to the Ark Animal Sanctuary. Donations include collars, leashes, toys, Frontline, shampoo, litter, blankets, stainless steel buckets and brushes. Wow, so many people helping out. It warms my heart and brings lots of wiggles and wags. Thanks!

Tip of the week: Dogs have very good body clocks. They can time things like their owner’s alarm clock within 60 seconds. I know this for a fact because I know what time it is we go to the woods each day and I get very impatient when it’s late!

That is a wrap for this week. Rescue - have a friend for life,