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Four legs, a lick and a wag

Dear friends,

I have so enjoyed my romps in the woods this week. The trees are so pretty and it has been warm.

I did find myself in a bit of trouble. I saw these short animals across the fence. They had short stubby legs, a curly tail and sort of snorted. I have never really seen anything like this before. So you guessed it – I went to investigate. My town mom has told me a hundred times to not cross the fence, but you know how us guys are – we like to explore, so off I went.

I crept slowly at first – it is a good thing I am short because the grass kind of helped hide me. When I got pretty close I gave them my big dog bark and you should have seen them run! My town mom was calling BUDDY, BUDDY. I bet she called 25 times. I just ignored her – I was having way to much fun running after these curly-tailed animals.

When I saw her come close to the fence I knew I was in trouble. She had the LEASH! You are right; I got put on the leash. She said, “Buddy, you are being DISCIPLINED!” I really didn’t know what that meant but I knew it meant something because I was on the leash. We walked a little while longer and then we left for home.

The next day when we were traveling to the woods she said to me, “please don’t go across the fence.” When the car door opened I shot out of the door like a cannon. Down to the pigs I went. I chased and chased and chased. She called and called and called.

When I decided it was time to go back I was really tired. I tried to hop the barbwire fence, but I didn’t jump high enough. The barb wire caught me around my collar. I yipped, my mom came running to see if I was hurt. I wasn’t hurt, but I learned a lesson and the last few days in the woods I have stayed very close to Gertie, Lucy and my town mom. I hope I remember about the barbwire fence when I get the urge to chase the curly-tailed animals.

It is going to get cooler and cooler soon. Please remember to put new straw or clean, warm blankets in outdoor shelters. And remember that fresh water is just as important in the winter as summer.

I heard they are asking for tarps at the Ark Sanctuary. They want to block the wind for my friends that are in the individual runs and cages. What a good thought. I know some of my friends like to be outside, but I also know from experience that the winter winds can be mighty cold. If you would like to donate some tarps I know my friends would be very appreciative.

Tip of the week: Some humans may be loners, but dogs are not. They need the companionship of others – preferably dogs or humans, but sometimes even cats will do. That is why it is common to see dogs bond with other pets in the house. They love to be with other animals and, just like attention-seeking children, will exhibit extreme behavior to get their “parents” to respond and play games if they are neglected.

That is a wrap for this week. Pat your four-legged friend on the head and tell them you love them.

Rescue and have a friend for life!

        Your friend, Buddy