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Four legs, a lick and a wag

    Hi, friends.

    Picture this, you know I am a little guy, but mighty and when I enter my town mom’s house in the morning Gertie, my 90-pound friend, is waiting. She is nice as she waits to eat her breakfast until I arrive! First, however, we must greet one another like we have not seen each other for six months. We run, bark, growl, play, race around the yard and then bound into the living room. This is what is unique – I eat her food and she eats mine. It is the same food, so I really don’t know why we do this, but every morning it takes place. I am guessing it’s a dog thing.

    I got my hair cut this week, and I am looking and feeling good. I always feel like a bigger guy when I get all spruced up. Thanks, mom, for making sure my personal hygiene is taken care of on a regular basis. When I come back, I smell good, too.

    I overheard my town mom talking about a no-kill adoptable sanctuary. I didn’t know exactly what that was so I asked her and she said,” Buddy, this means that if an animal is too injured for us to fix, too vicious for it to be safe to adopt, or too unsocialized to be place in a home they are humanely euthanized.” I asked her why those things would happen and she said that sometimes people just don’t realize what it means to offer a good home to an animal. I said this is really sad and she said this is one of the reasons we work so hard at the sanctuary, trying to find good homes for all my friends there.

    By the time you read this our adventure with WSBT Channel 22 in South Bend will have aired.  If you missed it you can catch it on the Channel 22 website. Let me just share with you how very awesome it was watching the dogs at the sanctuary run through the gate and with non-leashed freedom into the dog park. They ran and ran and ran; they smelled and smelled and smelled, they lifted legs, jumped, rolled, barked, played and came back exhausted. It was an unbelievable sight! The smiles on faces and tears in the eyes of those watching were indeed great. Wiggles and wags to those who have contributed funds, time, labor, materials and encouragement. There is still room for you to donate, just contact the Paws and Claws Bookstore at P.O. Box 95, Howe, IN 46746.

    There are some special people to give big wiggles and wags to for helping – Topeka Rental, Schemers Hardware, James Shetler and son Jonathan, LaGrange County Sheriff’s Department for work release help, Dan and Nancee, Judy, Tammy, and Larry.  Our thanks also to the Radiant Hair Salon for allowing Ark to set up a booth during Corn School. I have so many new friends I just feel great!

    Tip of the week:  Dogs have a great ability to hear distant sounds long before a human does. Actually up to four times as far away. Dogs will know the sound of their leader’s car or their footsteps as they walk up the driveway to the house and will be ready and waiting by the front door. I know this is true as I can pick out my lake mom’s car across the street! That is a wrap for this week.


    Rescue a dog and have a friend forever.

                    Your friend, Buddy