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Four legs, a lick and a wag

Dear Friends,

I have some “wiggles and wags” for you this week. Wiggles and wags to the Topeka Rental for the use of their posthole machine. The new dog park at the sanctuary is taking shape and looking good. Wiggles and wags to Kristy for supplying the sanctuary with some food for all my friends. Wiggles and wags to all the volunteers that helped at the Shipshewana Flea Market this summer! I heard my town mom tell a friend, “We could not have been successful without all the help.” She smiled and I know when she does this she is happy with what happened. When she is happy, I am happy.

Gertie told me this story this week. She said her mom – my town mom – changed the furniture around in the room where she watches TV. She got it all re-arranged and then sat down in her chair to watch a little football. Gertie told me she didn’t like the way it was so she began to pace and go from room to room wandering around. She did this for about three or four hours. When my town mom thought about what was going on she came to the conclusion that Gertie just didn’t like or was not comfortable with the way the room was. So she changed it all back. As soon as the room was back the way it was, Gertie settled down and went right to sleep. I guess you could call her spoiled.

Corn School is this week and the Ark crew will be stationed in from of Radiant Hair with t-shirts, sweatshirts, my book, Buddy’s Buds, and some good cookies and cupcakes. There will also be a model of the dog park there. Stop by and take a look and maybe you will want to donate. They told me there has been lots of activity at the sanctuary and lots of noise. I even heard some cats talking about the new indoor-outdoor cat area being constructed as well. I am happy for my friends as I know how great it is to run free and chase butterflies, and things that float in the air.

Here is your tip for the week. Do you know how to tell if a dog is on edge? He will flick his tongue, a quick nose lick or a quick dart of the tongue. If you stare at a dog long enough he will show you these signs. Dogs don’t like to be stared at because that is the process that top dogs use to establish dominance. It is ok to look at a dog, but to just stare makes them nervous.

That is a wrap this week. Hope to see you at Corn School. Tell your four-legged friends you love them and give them a pat for me. See you next week.

Rescued is the best breed.