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Four legs, a lick and a wag

Hi, friends,

If you were one of the 200+ that attended the annual Ark dinner/auction then you are aware of the exciting news. But, just in case you missed the dinner I want you to know why so many dog and cat tails are wagging.

A new dog park is under construction as well as a new cat area at the sanctuary. When my town mom told me about this I was so happy I just about turned inside out of my collar because I know how important exercise and fresh air are for all my friends. The park has been a dream of some of my new people friends and if the weather is good this week and we have enough volunteers, we will have it done.

It will be about the size of a football field but all fenced in with watering and shade stations. Can’t you just imagine how it will be for the dogs? I sure hope I get to be there to see the first of my friends through the gate to run and run and run. Close your eyes; you can already see the smiles on their faces. You can bet your sweet tails I will let you know next week how great it was.

The cat area will be enlarged so they can go inside and outside when they want. Of course it will also be all fenced in. One more thing, if you would like to donate that would be awesome. Watering stations are $30 and shade stations are $80. We want some fast growing trees, too. Us guys like the trees, you know. I don’t really understand this but my town mom said it’s all tax deductable, too. I bet you know about that. You can contact the Paw and Claws Bookstore at 562-2100 for donations.

The auction/dinner was great. I had many pats and kisses and even a hug or two. I signed some of my books, snuck in some chicken and a taste of beef from the great dinner. I am glad I got to go. I behaved and I heard several say they would take me home with them. I heard my town mom say “nope.” I was happy as I like where I am now.

My friend Gertie, the giant schnauzer, played bloodhound this week. She found my town mom’s glasses. Bentley, as you remember from last week, had fun hiding them outside. The glasses were taken to the eye doctor and Amanda was able to fix them. That Bentley has much to learn.

Almost all our volunteers are now posted on the web page. Check it out. Did you know that about 200 hours per week are donated to the bookstores in Howe and Shipshewana as well as the sanctuary? I am thinking we have some serious people that love us! How cool is that?

Wiggles and wags to Bobbie Burton and Brandi, a rescued dog of 10 years ago, for stopping and rescuing a dog running scared. Burton took time out of her hectic schedule and delivered the dog to the sanctuary! Thank goodness for people who care enough to disrupt their day.





Here is your tip of the week: Why do dogs go in circles before they lay down? It is a trait inherited from the wild, where dogs would turn around to flatten grass before they went to sleep. Also from the past is their love of dens – a sleeping place that has a secure, “tucked away” feel about it, such as under a table, in a corner, or behind a sofa. Now I know why Lucy goes into her pup tent to sleep!

That is a wrap for this week. Give a pat to a friend of mine and offer a kind word. Rescue a pet and find a new love.

Your friend, Buddy