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Four legs, a lick and a wag

Dear friends,

Wow, was the weather crazy this week or what? Hopefully you all have made arrangements to support the annual Ark dinner/auction at the 4-H Fairgrounds Tuesday night. Tickets are gone but you can still come to the auctions. The doors open at 5 p.m. for the silent auction and the live auction begins at 7 p.m., and of course you can see me for a signed autographed Buddy’s book and get a t-shirt to help support all my pals at the sanctuary.

The surprise I have been talking about the last few weeks will be announced at the dinner/auction. Here are some of the items I have heard my mom talk about: wind chimes, cornhole game, Best Western overnight stay, ab exerciser, harmonicas, glider, oak baby cradle, kayak, K. Hagerman limited prints, Pheasants Forever pictures plus many more. I must be sure to take my coin purse!

It was a good week for me. I didn’t get into any trouble. But, my friend Bentley is in some trouble. My town mom can’t find her glasses. I remember when I did that. Now that I am a little older and wiser I don’t take things like this and hide them. I tried telling Bentley about his mischievous behavior, but he thought he knew best and he snagged the glasses off the table and away he went. I suspect they will show up sometime.

My town mom found a new book she has been sharing with me. It is called Dog body language. I told her I didn’t need to read this book because I already sort of knew all about dog language but I thought it was a good idea she read it. This is what she found out for this week. I think she plans to share something each week. Did you know that howling is almost always a sign of separation or loneliness? The dog is really saying please don’t leave me I don’t want to be by myself. Wolves howl to bring the pack back together, to re assemble the group. Dogs howl because they know it will bring a person back to them which is what they want. When we walk at night and Lucy doesn’t go, she howls. This may sound silly, but my town mom always leaves the radio on when she leaves Gertie, Lucy and I. It helps when she is gone. Don’t tell anyone but she gives us each a biscuit when she leaves too. That way it is not such a sad time when she leaves the house. It seems to work and I like the biscuits plus the radio station isn’t bad either.

My mom is thinking about another contest we might begin. She doesn’t have all the details worked out but it has something to do with pictures, prizes, costumes and some other things. You will want to watch carefully to see when the details will be released so you can be a part of it.

One more thing, my friend Biscuit found her new forever home! I am happy for Biscuit and I know she is excited to discover new things and meet new people. Just a reminder when you bring a new friend into the family things change a little. Be patient and give them a chance to adjust. Congratulations Biscuit!

That is a wrap for this week. Pat your friend on the head and tell them you love them. We do know what that means and we like it when people tell us often.

Your Friend,