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Four legs, a lick and a wag

Hi, friends,

The topic is, the annual dinner/auction for Ark. This is our one BIG opportunity to help with the needed funds for the care and treatment of all my friends at the sanctuary. Remember French Fry, Onion Ring, and all the others? Well, this is what helps them. So please, if you have not purchased your ticket do so right now! There will be a silent and live auction. I am not sure what these are, but everyone is talking about it and I am taking some extra money from my jar just in case I need it.

I have had a blast this week! My town mom has been puppysitting with Sir Bentley, a King Charles Spaniel. He is about seven months old and we have had so much fun chasing around in the backyard and going for walks in the woods and in town. I laughed right out loud during one of the walks in town.

Bentley doesn’t understand how to walk with other dogs, and he had his leash wrapped around Gertie, Lucy, me, my town mom, and himself once. I bet if someone had a camera that would have been a funny picture! He loves a laser light and chases it until his tongue is longer than his body. I heard my town mom say this is perfect because it wears him out. I am wondering if that is why she used it with me? I think he qualified easily for the Indy 500 in May. Maybe he should be re-named Mario?

I felt pretty important as I was the one that showed him how to use the dog door. Once he discovered it, man has he been busy! In and out and in and out and in and out. He makes ME tired! He does silly things like chase moths in the grass, leaves that are blowing, and grasshoppers. Once he got a grasshopper in his mouth and it didn’t take him long to decide not to keep it. He is just learning things like “stay” and “come” and I tried to tell him how important it is that he know and obeys these words as they could very easily save his life one day.

Bentley told me he escaped from the door to the garage and that his town mom had to act very quickly to get him to come back. He said he didn’t pay any attention to the word “come” and made her try and catch him. Well, she learned a long time ago that if you chase a dog that just makes them run more and they think you are playing. So, she just sat in the grass and waited for Bentley to come to her and he did and then she was able to catch him. Now she backs out of the door in place of going forward. Things seem to work better that way.

I am going to miss him as I think we have become great pals. I hope we can play together again soon.

I want all our volunteers to know how important they are to the success of the Ark Animal Sanctuary and the Paws and Claws Bookstore in Howe and at the Shipshewana Flea Market. Without all your help we would not be able to do the things we do. My friends are so much happier now than at first. I just heard one of them say the other day they can’t wait until people come to help clean their temporary home, pet them and take them for walks. He said he doesn’t have to fear going to bed hungry anymore. One of the guys said that there is a rumor that something big is going to happen there and it is all because our volunteers love us and think we are important enough to have a nice facility. You will want to keep looking for a change soon to happen there.

We had almost 1,000 hits on the new Facebook page last week for the sanctuary. Check it out. You can find it by going to and clicking on “Facebook” or

My tip of the week: Ticks are still around so be sure to check your animals regularly and remove the parasites as soon as you find them. Keep a watchful eye for infection and if you see redness around the area get to your local vet for treatment. They can be nasty for us if not found soon and removed. Fleas are still around as well. Use a good product to help rid your pet of these little critters that cause problems.

See you at the auction/dinner! Yep, I will be there to sign the Buddy’s Buds book. T-shirts and sweatshirts will also be available to buy.

    Your rescued friend, Buddy