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Four legs, a lick and a wag

I tried to get a photo of all of the cats and kittens at the sanctuary, but it is so full of gray cats and kittens, the picture just looked gray and fuzzy! (I finally got one to pose, though!)

The sanctuary is overrun with little tiny meows, medium size meows and large meows. Black, brown, white, black and white, brown and white – you name it, the sanctuary has it. Fully vetted cats are ready to be your forever friend for FREE during the month of September, coming into your life to be your forever friend. Please call the sanctuary at 463-4142 to select the right one for you. Tell them Buddy sent you and you will get something else free (a forever friend), too!

Thank you Holly for the note you wrote last week. I am very glad your family has enjoyed reading the Buddy’s book. Maybe Skittles could write about some of his stories that I could share?

My town mom told me the tickets for the Sept. 17 dinner and auction are going quickly. If you have not purchased yours, better hurry. I think I overheard my town mom say I could go because the Buddy’s book will be available and I want to sign your copy. I will be sure to take a bath and put some aftershave on so I smell good. I went last year and it was a blast!

Did you hear the story this week of the New York subway cats? It seems a few cats were able to cause the subway to stop for some time. Wow, what good people to stop and allow my feline friends a chance to get to safety. Neat! Even though I chase them I don’t want any of them to get hurt. You do know that is what dogs do – chase cats.

We were coming back from our walk in the woods on Tuesday and had to stop for this big yellow bus. Two kids got off the bus and guess who was waiting for them? Two of their forever friends! Their tails were going 100 miles per hour as the kids got off the bus. The kids ran to the front door and all the time tails were wagging and they were jumping up and down. It does my heart good to know that both kids and canines are happy with one another. My town mom said “Buddy, look at that, isn’t it neat.” I think it warmed her heart as well.

This is bee sting weather. Please keep a watchful eye on your pets if this happens. Bees are pretty nasty and be sure you take all the necessary steps to help your friend if they get stung.

Check out our new Facebook page at /lagrangearkanimalrescue and be sure to “like” us. It will have all the up-to-date information, neat stories and great pictures.

Remember last week when I told you something special, really special was going to happen at the sanctuary to help not only my canine friends but my feline friends? Well, keep watching and listening and checking on our website for the announcement. It is going to be so cool!





I think that is a wrap for this week. Remember to take time to tell your four-legged friends you love them. Give them a pat and it’s ok to slip them a biscuit, too.

                 Your friend, Buddy