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Four legs, a lick and a wag

Hi Friends,

Well school is back in session and it was very hard for me to get up to see my lake mom off to her first day. I got kind of use to sleeping in some. Now it is get up and get into the car and go to my town mom’s. Once there I eat breakfast with Gertie and Lucy. I eat out of Gerties bowl and Gertie eats out of mine. You ask why we do that. I am not sure, better ask Gertie. Maybe it is because we are food siblings. What is a “food sibling?” Who knows, I do not, we just do it. It seems to work for us just fine.

I got all spiffed up this week with a new hair cut. I’m not looking for a girl friend, but I bet you I could find one. With all that hair off it makes the walks in the woods much more enjoyable, I don’t get all those little green seedlings caught in my fur.

Sometimes I see people rushing around like they are chasing squirrels. While I know how much fun it is to chase squirrels I also know the importance of lying in the sun and resting.  I wish people could be more like dogs. Take for instance all we want is a pat on the head, a scratch under our chin, and a voice of encouragement when we greet you at the door when you have been gone all day. I think people complicate things. I have heard both my lake mom and my town mom say “we are smarter than we give them credit for.” Well, if that is the case then take some advice from us. Take one day at a time, love your dog, give a pat now and then and toss the un-important stuff away and think on how to make things better.

Let me visit with you about what is going to happen soon at the 4-H fair grounds. It’s the annual dinner/auction for the Ark animal sanctuary. There is a silent auction and a live auction. I heard my town mom say that anyone can come to the auction but you need a ticket for the delicious meal that the Blue Gate is catering. I think I am going to try and go because I heard how yummy it is going to be. You can get tickets from the sanctuary, Paws and Claws bookstore or any board member.  Tickets are limited so if you are going to go get those paws of yours in action and get a ticket.

You can help the sanctuary and the bookstore out by volunteering but also by supporting financially. There are always needs such as bleach, laundry soap, paper towels, computer paper, and well most anything that you would use at home to help keep the house clean. Also, many of my friends at the sanctuary love to be walked, patted on the head and encouraged that soon they will have a forever home too.

There are some conversations occurring that tell me something soon is going to happen at the sanctuary that will really make my friends happy. You will want to keep tuned to the web site, and my column to find out what all the excitement is about. My town mom told me to keep it a secret for now. I am good at secrets so no amount of biscuits will unlock my mouth. As soon as I can tell you I will.

The Buddy book is selling, soon I will be going to the schools in the area to distribute the books to the students who wrote stories  They will be available at Indian Days in Howe, the dinner/auction and Corn School.  You can also get your copy at the Paws and Claws bookstore and while you are there pick up another book to read so you can do some of that relaxing I was talking about earlier.

I found out this week I like steak! Man, is that delicious. My lake mom put some of her steak down on a plate and went into the kitchen. Presto into my tummy!! I am going on the search for some more.

That is a wrap for this week. Love your pet, treat them like they are the best thing that happened to you and they will return the loyalty, trust me, I know. Clean the water bowls outside and make sure your friend has the proper shelter for the elements. One more thing, boy am I glad I remembered this! My lake mom has a birthday this week. Happy Birthday mom, I love you and thanks for giving me my forever home. I am so happy!

Your Friend, Buddy