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Four legs, a lick and a wag

Hi, friends.

    It is finally going to be here! Saturday, Aug. 10, is the day for the book signing at My Father’s Business in LaGrange.  I will be at the bookstore from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. to personally sign Buddy’s Buds book. If you have already purchased a book and want me to sign it, bring it down and I will be glad to autograph it for you. 

    Remember, all proceeds go to the Ark Animal Sanctuary for the care and treatment of my friends. You know what else?  When you bring a book down that you already purchased or buy one you will get a free dog!  Not a real one, but a stuffed one.  Sure hope to see you on Saturday!

    I was talking to my people friends at the sanctuary this week and you can help by donating the following items: bleach, towels, laundry soap, fly strips, buckets, some scoopers for picking up certain outside items, a bulletin board for inside, and I heard if we don’t get our two-seat bench replaced soon someone might end up on the floor.  If you have any of these items to spare or want to purchase any of them for the sanctuary, it will be greatly appreciated.

    Here is some trivia for you.  My town mom was telling me the other day about the first Seeing Eye dog. She said her name was Buddy just like mine, that she was a German shepherd, and it happened way back in 1929. I asked what a Seeing Eye dog was and she said that they are special dogs that help people who can’t see. There is a special school they get to go to and that more than 15,000 dogs have graduated since then. I am very glad I have my eyes but I am also very glad that some of my friends are able to help people who cannot see.

    I was in a bit of a snag this week. Not really something new is it? You see I figure anything on the floor really belongs to me. My lake mom was eating something special and she set it on the floor to go to the door. I jumped down from the chair and said, “yummie, I like this.” and, I ate it. When she came back to her chair, her blueberry pie was gone. She said something about joining Blue Man Group. I don’t know what or who that is; I just know the stuff I ate was delicious. You know what, I would do it again but don’t tell her that.

    I was going to the woods this week with Gertie and Lucy and these birds came swooping down on us. They would fly high in the sky and then whoosh right down on us. They did this all the way to the entrance of the woods. My town mom told me they are barn swallows and they are supposed to do that. I asked her why, and she couldn’t tell me. It is a little scary, but not to worry, they didn’t hurt us. I watched as Gertie was ahead of me and they are fun to watch doing their diving acts in the sky. Take a moment out of your busy day and watch.


    Hope to see you next Saturday. Take care, pat your four-legged friends on the head and tell them you love them.

                    Your friend,Buddy