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Four legs, a lick and a wag

Dear Friends,

I sure wish the following people would have read my column last week about water and shade for their dog. Please, please make sure your pets are well watered and OUT of the sun during these hot days.

They had a guy in a cage that was too small for him, in the hot sun, no water and not very happy.

My mom says she wishes she could put people in a cage in the sun without water. That doesn’t sound very nice, but golly gee whiz! People need to know how important it is for us guys to have proper treatment – after all, we have feelings too!

Two dates that should be on your calendar: July 28 the Pooches Paddle at the Mongo River Run beginning at 3 p.m. with the entire entry fee going to the Ark Animal Sanctuary. We had a blast last year. Lemonade, hot dogs (the eating kind) and chips will be available, too. Dogs are welcome but not required. And I am getting pretty excited about this date – Aug. 10 from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. for my book signing at My Father’s Business in LaGrange. You may bring your book for a personal signature or purchase one that day. There will be t-shirts and other goodies, too. Sure hope you can come.

Wiggles and wags to several people this week. Jim Joseph donated my feline friends an air conditioner when the one the sanctuary had went crazy. Thanks, Jim! Gerald Kauffman made some first class bookshelves for the Paws and Claws Bookstore.

I sure appreciate all the extra help given to my friends!

Well, I have something I want to tell you. Maybe you know but if you do not it’s time you do. I have two moms. I guess you could call me a “modern” dog. I have the mom that found me who also has Gertie and Lucy and then I have the mom that adopted me and lives at a lake. It is really cool having two moms. I get to do things at the lake like swim and go for pontoon rides that I don’t get to do in town. But then I get to do things in town I can’t at the lake like go to the woods and walks with Gertie and Lucy. My mom at the lake took a long time before she decided to take me home. This is quite a story by itself. My mom in town found me as you already know and kept me for a few days thinking the posters and phone calls she made would help find my, well, so-called “family.” That didn’t happen so she offered for my mom at the lake to stop by the house and see me. Well, I did what any all American dog looking for a good home would do, I climbed into her lap and batted my eyes and gave her a smooch on the face. I thought that pretty much sealed my fate, but she left without me. She said, “I need to think about it.” Gee, what is there to think about? I was cuddly, cute, without a home, and ready, willing and able to become her forever friend.





After a few days she came back and took me to the doctor. I checked out, whatever that means, but she still said “let me think about it.” In a few more days, I left with my mom for the lake! My new lake home away from my town home. I think you could say I am rich because I have a town home and a lake home. I would be rich without both homes because I found some gals that really love me, take good care of me, and make sure I have my shots, water, life jacket, leash, tags, exercise and all the rest that goes into making a good, responsible home.

My lake mom has been gone on a trip so I have been with Gertie and Lucy for a while. It’s been real hot as you know and would have been good to be at the lake, but I have had a blast in town. People are beginning to know who I am. Do you think it has anything to do with the book? Ha, maybe? Little did I know all this would happen. My town mom told me the other night she hoped it “didn’t go to my head.” I don’t think this has anything to do with the books flying off the shelf, do you? I just love being loved. I really like making my lake mom and my town mom smile, and I love all the cuddles.

Just for me – give your forever friend a pat on the head and tell them you love them.

See you next week.

                Your friend, Buddy