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Four legs, a lick and a wag

At one time in the house we lived with Bumper the cocker, Cheebers the snaggletooth mini-schnauzer, and Smokey the cat. Cheebers’ mom couldn’t keep him anymore so he came to live with Smokey and Bumper. Bumper was older and wasn’t real impressed, but Smokey the cat and Cheebers became real good friends.

Bumper was quite old and wasn’t feeling well, so his mom took him to see the doctor and it was best that he went to sleep to rest and not hurt any more. Cheebers and Smokey were very sad and watched for him every day, but he never came home.

So Smokey and Cheebers became very good friends and never liked it when they couldn’t be together. They played and slept together all the time.

One day Cheebers got a real bad headache and he went to see the doctor. The doctor said he was too sick to come home and helped him go to sleep so he wasn’t in any more pain.

That day, Smokey went to the back door and sat there meowing and meowing. That was the door that the dogs used to go out of when they had to go potty, but they always came back. Smokey meowed and meowed and her mom asked her what the problem was and she looked at the door and scratched on it. Mom finally realized Smokey thought Cheebers was outside going potty and we had forgot to let him back in. Smokey had never been outside, but when mom opened the door to show her that Cheebers wasn’t in the breezeway, Smokey wanted to go see for herself. Mom didn’t let her.

For days and days Smokey walked the house and looked for her friend Cheebers, but he never came home. You could tell it made her sad.

Then one day mom brought this crazy baby dog named Madison home and all she wanted to do is play with Smokey, but Smokey wasn’t crazy about that. Eventually Smokey and Madison became friends and enjoyed being together. Sometimes Madison would go away for the weekend and when she came home the first thing she would do is find her friend Smokey.

Smokey cat got very sick and had to go see the doctor. Again, the doctor helped Smokey go to sleep so she wouldn’t be in pain any more. That was four months ago and every day, Madison looks for her when she gets up and during the day when she remembers another place that Smokey used to sleep, she checks just to make sure she is not somewhere sleeping.

So, the moral to the story is if you have more than one pet and one is not well, be sure they get to say goodbye to each other if one has to leave. They really do connect with one another and sorely miss the one who is gone, just like us humans.

Hug your pets!

                   Your friend, Buddy.