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Four legs, a lick and a wag

Dear friends,

July 28 is the Paddle for the Pooches at the Mongo River run with 100 percent of the cost going to the Ark Animal Sanctuary. You may paddle with or without your pooch. I sure hope I get to go and sport my life jacket! It is about a two- to three-hour paddle and Tammy said it will be a great day so give her a call at 260-336-2574 to let her know you will be participating.

Build it and they will come? Write it and it will sell! The Buddy’s Buds book will be ready soon. My mom was talking about a book signing. I sure hope my paw gets tired!

You can find these one of a kind books at the following locations: Paws and Claws Bookstore in Howe, My Father’s Business in LaGrange, the LaGrange County CVB in Shipshewana, Puppy Love in Howe, Serenity Nails in LaGrange, Emma Café, and Shipshewana Flea Market Booth 507 by Gate 11.

More about upcoming book signings later. Be watching for the Buddy’s Buds banner. One hundred percent of the money goes to my buds at the sanctuary.

My mom had some kind of school class she had to take in Kentucky. Gee, I thought school was over for the summer! I knew something was going on because I saw that suitcase thing come out of the closet.

I tried playing ball with her – she would toss it once and then go right back to the suitcase. I tried taking her my favorite toy but the same thing happened. So I said it’s time to turn on my charm. I climbed into her suitcase and just waited for her to notice me. When she turned around I laid my ears back, the way I do when I am in trouble and batted my eyes at her and sighed. I tried to look very sad and left out. She said, “Oh, Buddy, I will miss you too, but I have to go.”

She picked me up and cuddled with me some which made me feel better. I spent the week with Gertie and Lucy. We played and walked in the woods, chased rabbits, and had a good time. I miss my mom but Gertie, Lucy and I get along really well.

Don’t tell my mom this, but while walking one morning with Gertie and Lucy I saw this little girl dog and I have to say she was quite a “looker.” My harness was a little loose and while I was turning my head to get another look at this babe I slipped out of my harness. It shocked me so, but I took advantage of it and went back to see her. We talked some and shared a story or two.

It was scary for Gertie and Lucy’s mom as it was hard to get them to turn around and help find me. She called my name and after visiting with this little babe I just trotted back to Gertie and Lucy. Whew, I sure don’t want to live on the streets again. Their mom said I was a very good boy to come right back. Ha, she didn’t know I would never leave again to return to the streets.

We can still use your help at the Shipshewana Flea Market and the Paws and Claws Bookstore. Great places to visit! Call 563-2100 if you are interested in helping.

I think this is a wrap for this week. I am so happy and blessed because I have met so many new friends and they have shared their stories. Will you join our club and send me your story? See you next week.

                Your friend, Buddy