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Four legs, a lick and a wag

Hi Friends,

Happy belated Father’s Day! I sure hope it was celebrated in your home!

Let’s get the calendar work done first this week! Remember the many many meow’s at the Ark animal sanctuary? Well, they are still there - waiting your arrival to take home. June is special adoption month for my meow friends. Special deals, special meow’s special forever friends to have and hold. Check it out!

July 28th the Paddle for the Pooches at the Mongo River Run located on State Road 3. You can call my friend Tammy at 260-336-3574 to reserve a canoe or kayak for the 2-3 hour ride, or you can just show up that day. Cost is $25.00 and all proceeds go to my favorite place, the Ark animal sanctuary. I may even get to go; of course I will be sporting my great life jacket.

We are always looking for people who would like to help Paws and Claws, either in Howe or the Shipshewana flea market. Call 562-2100 if you think this sounds interesting.

My friend Wayne gave me a story for this week. It’s a Wiggle Wag story to Brent. He was traveling on a road and saw something in the middle of the road. He pulled over and it was a special little meow. He saw it had been hit and yes there was a little blood. He gathered up the little meow and placed him in the car and went directly to the vet. The vet said the little guy’s leg was hurt but it could be fixed. So into surgery he went, the little meow that is and when he came out he was mended and found his new forever home with Brent. He now lives with 3 dogs and another cat. The last I knew he was doing well. Wiggles and Wags to you Brent! We love people like you.

My mom’s friend sent this article about A World War 11 dog. I like reading about how dogs helped a long time ago. I hope you do too.

Judy(1937 – 17 February 1950) was a ship's dog on board HMS Gnat and HMS Grasshopper before and during World War II. She helped save the lives of the crew of the Grasshopper following the sinking of the ship, and, once captured by the Japanese, helped the men in the Prisoner-of-war camp. She struck up a friendship with Frank Williams, with whom she spent the rest of her life. She was the only dog to be registered as a Second World War Prisoner of War, and survived for a while in the jungles of Sumatra after the guards had sentenced her to death. Following the war, she came to the United Kingdom with Williams and was awarded the Dickin Medal by the PDSA, considered to be the animals' VC.

If you have a good story, send it to the bookstore. I got a nice note from Jeri last week. Thanks! See you next week!

Your Friend, Buddy