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Four legs, a lick and a wag

Dear Buddy,

Things are starting to get busy on the lake. I still haven't decided if I want to go boating, but lots of my friends are out there with their moms and dads.

The bookstore is celebrating fathers, American music and oceanography this month. They are also offering children’s books at four for a dollar donation. All month!

My mom put my picture up on the Success Story end cap, also my friend Homer. Tell folks to come see us, we're handsome! What are you planning to this summer? I've been practicing with a round flat thing called a frisbee; I can't understand why I have to keep bringing it back. It must be a human thing.

Talk to you next month.


Dear Patches,

Be sure to wear your lifejacket. I sure would not want something to happen to you. I love boating and my mom always puts my life jacket on. It was a little snug, but once I got my summer haircut it fits just fine. Thanks for the information about what is going on at the Paws and Claws Bookstore. I hear it’s the place to be! Kid’s books are on special, too!

Dear friends,

We have not done this for a while so let’s do a “Wiggles and Wags” this week.

Wiggles and wags to:

·        Volunteers – we could not do what we do without you!

·        Those who help financially – we could not do what we do without you!

·        All the contributors of Buddy’s Buds book – it would not have happened without you.

·        To all our moms and dads that take us for walks – we love you!

·        For all the proper medical care – we thank you!

·        The special care my older friends receive – they thank you!

·        The occasional ice cream treat – yummy.

·        Checking for ticks – so very important and this is a huge THANK YOU!

·        The extra snuggle on the couch – I love snuggles!

·        To all therapy dogs, cats, horses, etc. – you have a special calling!

·        To all the animals who visit shut-ins – they love it when you come and share your lives.

·        To those who pick up “deposits” in other people’s yards.

·        My friends who offer a service to people, like detecting seizures and notifying of a diabetic condition.

·        The extra pats we get on the head or bottom that say to us you love us.

·        Fresh clean water especially on hot summer days!

·        Shade during the summer months.

·        For those who stop when they see one of my friends lost and go the extra mile to find their owners.

·        To those who help the food pantry at the Paws and Claws Bookstore.


·        For all the young people who have been taught to ask before they can pet a dog they are unfamiliar with.

·        For all those who treat their pets as part of the family – we are indeed a part of the family!

·        To all my buddies who have been given a second chance at a forever home – wiggles and wags to your new family!

If you have a Wiggles and Wags send them to me at PO Box 95 Howe, IN 46746.

Don’t forget about all the small medium and large “meows” at the sanctuary that need you as a new beginning for their life. This is the special inexpensive “Adopt a Cat” month. Stop out and find your forever friend.

Also a reminder to circle July 28 as the second Doggie Paddle for Pooches at the Mongo River Run. Be watching for more information.

See you next week!!

        Your friend, Buddy