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Four legs, a lick and a wag


Hi, friends,

Boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy did I ever have fun at the Pooches Paddle on the Mongo River Run on Sunday!

Were you there? If not you sure missed a great time. I saw so many new and strange and wonderful things.

I saw small creatures called turtles and big turtles. They were sunning themselves on a log. When they saw me, they went plop, right into the water. I wanted to chase them but my mom said better not.

Beautiful swans were off in the distance, swimming round the lily pads. They didn’t get too close to me but I was able to see how pretty and graceful they were. They sure have long, skinny necks and funny shaped heads.

There were lily pads with beautiful flowers, a blue heron, lots of water, so many butterflies, and I think I even saw an alligator! My mom said there are no alligators in the Pigeon River, but I am not really sure she knows for sure. It sure looked like one to me.

I saw an old railroad section of the river and guess what – of all the dogs that were there, not one jumped out of a canoe or kayak. That is sure hard to believe, huh? There were hot dogs (tee hee hee) the ones you eat, and chips for all of us, too. We had a contest for the smallest and largest dog and they each got an ice cream cone from Happiness in Howe.

No one knew I was there as I was in disguise. I didn’t want anyone to know me because the Buddy contest is still going on. If you haven’t drawn a picture of what you think I look like for the contest, you better get going. The contest ends before the annual ARK dinner and auction at the 4-H Fairgrounds on Sept. 18. Even if you have drawn a picture already, you may draw another one. The winner will receive a free meal and some other goodies as well. Be sure you get on board and join in the fun. I will be there in September with all the pictures each one of you has drawn. They will be on display for all to see. The winner will be announced at the auction.

Wiggles and double wags to the Mongo River Run for sponsoring the first ever annual Pooches Paddle. I think that means we will do it again next year, too! About $300 was raised for the Ark Animal Sanctuary. Just think what this will mean to all my friends – cats too! I am so happy I could just wiggle all day long with my ears flying. You can catch up with me by logging onto www.myarkbuddy.word Email me at with a story, or visit the Ark website at

Remember to mark Sept. 18 and get your tickets early as they are limited. Those can be purchased from any Ark member or at the Paws and Claws Bookstore in Howe.

Have a great wiggly week!

                Your friend, Buddy