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Four legs, a lick and a wag

Dear friends,

Well, this was an exciting week. The Buddy’s Buds book went to press and will be ready mid-June. How very cool is that? I can’t wait for you to read all the special stories my friends sent it. Be looking for an announcement about my book signing!

I had an opportunity to spend a few days with my new friend Bentley. He is King Charles spaniel. I called him Sir Bentley, it just seems right. He belongs to some good friends of my mom’s and they went away so he stayed with us. He is a little guy, only 12 weeks old, very active and an interesting fella. I thought I could run circles around Gertie and Lucy but Bentley ran through Gertie’s legs and around her three times before I could catch up with him, and this is on a leash.

What a sight. Picture this, a giant Schnauzer, a mini Schnauzer, Bentley, and me all going for a walk at the same time. There were leashes everywhere and yes, they were all tangled up. Needless to say we offered free entertainment to many people during the time he stayed with us. I just told people to donate to the Sanctuary if they enjoyed the show.

One of the things my mom remembered that I loved when I was just a little guy was a laser light so she went digging and found it. I asked Gertie and Lucy if they chased it when they were small and they laughed and said yes, millions of miles. Well, Bentley chased and chased and chased. It didn’t seem to bother him that he never really caught it or when he got close the light disappeared. I didn’t bother to tell him that is the way the game is played. The adult sits and you have to do all the running.

Bentley helped with planting flowers – or rather digging them up, resurrecting toys that were under the couch, and finding an ant colony that caused quite a discomfort until they were all brushed out. We went for walks every morning and every evening and he discovered things I never knew existed. I guess maybe through the eyes of a puppy things look different.

Bentley said he had a good time during his first time away from home experience but he was really happy to see his mom and dad return. I sure hope he comes back again. His mom said after they got home he crashed. I am not sure what that means but I heard my mom laugh so it must have been something good.

I was on the couch with my mom watching Gertie as she was looking out the window. She was zoned in on a squirrel that was eating quite comfortably from the seed that had been dropped from the bird feeder. She watched and watched.

Then, very quietly she took three steps backward from the window, turned around very slowly and took about 10 steps sort of on her tiptoes as though she was trying to be very quiet. As she hit the kitchen floor she continued to walk slowly and then popped her head through the dog door and took off running. She has tried to catch that squirrel all spring and he just runs up the tree. I think she was thinking, “if I am real quiet he will not hear me and I can catch him.” We both just laughed at her.

I have a special friend who had her 15th birthday this week. Madison, who lives not far from me, celebrated this special day. Do you know how old that is in human years? Well some say one dog year is seven human years and others say its 10 human years. Anyway you look at it she has lived a long time. Happy birthday, Madison!

There are still some openings to help at the Shipshewana Flea Market booth. Call the Paws and Claws Bookstore in Howe at 562-2100 if you would like to help. I hear the people who are helping are having a blast meeting all the people and dogs.

Please put July 28 down for the 2nd doggie paddle down the Pigeon River. More information to come later.

Don’t forget – you can write me at P.O. Box 95 Howe, IN 46746. See you next week.

                 Your friend, Buddy