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Four legs, a lick and a wag


My name is Psycho. I wanted to write to you because of all the people I have met that read your column. I am a Saint Bernard, and so was my girlfriend. Her name was Jezabel. She got really sick 2 months ago and she went to the doctor, and didn't come back.

My mom and dad were very sad, but I was especially sad because she took me in when I was very young. I call my people my mom and dad even though they are not dogs, but because they raised me and taught me what to do, and my mom definitely mothered me as only a true mom would. She took me everywhere, and I met many people near where you live. I went to the high school, and to Corn School. I went to the crafter's fair in Shipshewana and sold popcorn to help our friends at the sanctuary. I went to the sanctuary many times. My dad took me to the nursing home a couple weeks ago, and I met some very sweet people there! I even got to go on a canoe trip with my girlfriend last year, and we didn't fall out of the canoe!

I won't be able to go this year, as I have now moved on and am with Jezabel again. I got really sad after she left, and then I got really sick, and my mom and dad were very sad...I don't like to see them sad, and I wish I could be there with them to comfort them, but I was too sick.

I know you got a special people mom like me, but mine was the best ever! God sends us dogs here to teach people to celebrate every moment, and to forgive everyone, and show us unconditional love. I hope I did my part; I had a great time while I was with my family. Please tell all the human folks to cherish the time they have with their pets, just like we cherish the time we have with them.


Thanks Psycho. It is a tough deal when you lose someone you love. My mom’s aunt told her once time a very long time ago something she has never forgotten. “You will never have another (your pet) but you can have one that you will love just as much and will love you back just as much.”

Just a few things I want you to put on your calendar. Listen closely, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow. This is the sound of overcrowding at the sanctuary. June has been declared the month that is dedicated to the entire extra meow’s with the hope that for just a donation you will take one or more home with you. All the cats are spayed or neutered and ready for you to make a trip and fine just the right ones. Our goal is to find homes for 30+.

The sanctuary could use some laundry soap as well. If you are looking for a way to contribute to the well being of all animals, this is it!

Please mark July 28th on your calendar. This will be our second Doggie Paddle down the Pigeon River. It was a great time last summer and I am really looking forward to seeing my new pals I met. I will have my “new” life jacket on and I have been practicing paddling. All proceeds will go to the sanctuary. I believe I heard there will be dogs to eat as well… I have a feeling they are talking about “hot dogs.” I bet there will be chips and lemonade too. Yummy I love lemonade.

Be looking for my story about Bentley next week. He is quite the guy. I call him Sir Bentley. He has an interesting a story. You will want to be sure to read it!!

Your Friend,