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Four legs, a lick and a wag


Dear Friends,

Well, there is good news and there is not so good news. Which would you like first? I will start with the good then the not so good will not be as bad. Make sense? I had the time of my life – other than being rescued. I went on my first field trip to Millers Merry Manor nursing home.

I put on my harness that matched my collar and I don’t mind telling you I looked pretty spiffy!

I walked through some big doors and a whole new and different world opened up. There were lots of little rooms with special people in them that all loved me. I got so many pats and hugs and ahhhhh’s by the time I left I was almost floating on a cloud.

I sure hope I get to go back and visit again. I had an awesome time but I was tired as I did a lot of jumping on beds and laps. There were no biscuits for me but you know I didn’t mind at all because I got my reward just being there and seeing smiles and happy faces. You should join me next time – I am anxious to go back. Thanks Millers and Tabby for the opportunity.

Speaking of the nursing home some of the comments about me were “My he is so soft, his hair is really silky or did he just have a bath?” Well, truth is I did just have a bath this is the not so good story. As a matter of fact, I had two baths. I guess maybe I should not have done what I did.

I wandered some while in the woods the day before we went to the nursing home. I came upon this small pond where there were these long necked round belled honking guys. There were quite a few there.

Well, you guessed it; I chased them and I laughed as they all flew away. I really didn’t want to catch any as they were much larger than me. Then as I slipped on some gooey stuff while running and I said, hum, this smells pretty good and it’s easy to roll on. So, I rolled and rolled all the while I heard my mom whistling for me. I just kept rolling and she kept whistling. I knew where I was and that I was safe and having a blast, but she didn’t know that.

After rolling for maybe 10 minutes I decided I better run fast back to her before she got really worried. When I caught up with Gertie and Lucy they both said to me, “Buddy, you are in trouble, you found goose gunk.” I didn’t know what they meant, only that I thought it smelled good. Gertie said, “Mom isn’t going to be happy with you.” Lucy said, “Ha ha, you are going to get a bath.”

Well, truth is I got hosed off near the woods with brrrr, cold water and then I got another bath when we got home. Gertie and Lucy both stood outside the bathroom door shaking their heads and I heard Gertie say to Lucy, “Sure glad we didn’t do that.” So, this is why my hair was so fluffy, smooth and silky. I don’t think I will do this again – well at least until I have another chance.

I had a friend write me a short story about attending a convention. I had no clue what a convention was but he said that it is usually a large crowd of people that have a common interest in something.

Anyway he said he saw something that made him stop and think how fortunate he is. He saw a man with a Seeing Eye dog by his side. He said the dog lead the man in and out of doors, in and around people and didn’t bump into anything. The dog had a special harness on, he called it a “working harness”- not like the one I wear but one that had a long handle on it so the man could follow by the side of the dog.

He said the special dog helped the man go places he probably would never be able to go without help. He said the dog was by the man’s side all the time and that he could tell they loved one another. I am so glad someone took the time to train this dog so the man could attend this convention. Maybe someday I will be able to meet a Seeing Eye dog in person. Who knows maybe someday I can actually help someone like this too. Wiggles and Wags to my friends who help in this area with people!

I went on my first pontoon ride this week. My mom said “Buddy your lifejacket is pretty snug. Are you gaining weight?” I told her that the last time I wore it I was just a kid now I am a buff guy. She laughed and told me she was going to get a larger one because she wanted me to be safe while riding with her around the lake. I love my mom she takes such good care of me. Thanks mom!

The Flea Market is a blast. Paws and Claws bookstore is there if you have been following the column. We still need help during the summer if you are interested, call the bookstore in Howe to find out more information at 562-2100 or check out the web at . See you next week.

Your Friend, Buddy