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Four legs, a lick and a wag


Hi, friends,

Well, I got some more information about this flea market thing. It doesn’t make much sense to me but this is what I found out. People, not fleas, walk through this market which has tons of stuff everywhere. You can buy almost anything you want, or think you need.

I met a really pretty gal named Annie at the market this past week. She is an Australian Labradoodle and she is a service dog. She was very nice and was walking the market with her owners. I am anxious to see how many new friends I can make. If you are at the flea market, stop by Booth 507 near Gate 11 and check it out.

While I was taking my evening stroll this past week around my normal route, a blond Labrador running loose came to greet us. He seemed very friendly, but had no collar and what seemed to be no one else around the area with him.

He sniffed at my friends Gertie and Lucy and wagged his tail at me and I thought he was a pretty friendly guy. I began to think how much fun it would be to get to know him and be able to play with him. Then my memory flashed back to when I was running loose with no collar and no one looking for me.

I am trying to think of a way to get people to realize how very important it is for us canine guys and gals to have identification. If I get lost now, they can look at my tag but if my collar comes off my mom told me I am chipped. I guess that is good because she said if I ever get lost they will be able to find her because of this chip thing. I sure hope that lab found his way back to his home and I hope the people who own him read this column and will get him a collar with tags or better yet chipped.

Something else very important this time of year and that is medication against fleas and ticks – both can do some bad stuff to us. If your mom and dad have not given you the proper medicine for these pesky little things, please tell them to do it soon. It is also important to check us often for ticks, especially if we are outside. Sometimes they hide and it is not easy to see them. My friend Gertie’s coat is black and ticks are dark in color, too. It is important to go over the dog’s legs, back, tummy and ears just to be sure they are not on us. Tell your mom and dad to check with their doctor about the right medication.

I am looking forward to Memorial Day weekend. I get to help puppysit a King Charles Spaniel. His name is Bentley, but I like to call him Sir Bentley. He is coming for the weekend with his own playpen and carseat. This should prove to be quite interesting. Playpen and carseat – who would think that a dog would have both? I will keep you posted as to how the weekend goes.

That is a wrap for this week. I sure hope everyone remembered to wish your mom a Happy Mother’s Day. If not – better do it right now! Have a great week and don’t forget to pat one of my friends on the head or better yet visit the Ark Animal Sanctuary and pat many heads – you will see just as many tails wiggle. Remember, you can send me a story to P.O. Box 95, Howe, IN 46746.

                     Your friend, Buddy