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Four legs, a lick and a wag


Hi, friends

Received a note from Patches regarding the Paws and Claws Bookstore.

Dear Buddy,

Wow, there is a lot going on at the bookstore in May. The bookstore is honoring mothers, nurses, teachers and the Armed Services this month. On top of that, it is National Pet Month! That's all about us!

There are all sorts of books about dogs and cats for children and adults. They will be out on display to make them easy to find and pick up. There are also true stories and novels about the men and women who sacrifice their time and lives to love us, protect us, heal us, and teach us.

Have a sniffing good spring, Patches

Thanks, Patches.

This week is not so much about me but rather about my friends Gertie and Lucy. They had to go to the clinic for a dental and ear cleaning. I didn’t know how important this dental thing is until Lucy returned and told me all what happened. It is very important on a yearly basis to have your teeth cleaned. Lucy had to have five teeth extracted. Lucy said poor dental habits can lead to some other health issues that can be nasty. I am going to be sure my mom takes me and gets my teeth cleaned. I am glad Lucy is okay – she just has to eat soft food for a few days.

Gertie, on the other hand, had quite a story about her trip to the clinic. She was exhausted when she got home and here is the reason. Gertie rode in the back seat to Lafayette, Ind., because her aunt is a vet and takes care of the yearly visits.

All the way to Lafayette Gertie chased cars from the back seat. Zoom, a car goes by, and then “whish” goes Gertie. They zoomed and whished all the way to Lafayette, on all the roads! Do you know how many cars you pass during a three-hour drive? Way too many! Gertie said she had a great time.

Gertie had her ears cleaned and teeth cleaned and then she and Lucy visited their cousin Sam for the evening. Sam, a golden retriever, was a great host. They roamed around the back yard and walked the neighborhood and had a nice visit. Ready to return home and all the way back there was zooming and whishing from Gertie in the back seat. Upon returning to LaGrange and climbing out of the back seat, as well as visiting the backyard briefly, Gertie was exhausted and headed to the couch and Lucy to the lazy boy chair. Me? I got to spend the night with my grandparents and my cousin. I missed Gertie and Lucy, but it was fun playing with my cousin. My grandma gave me extra hugs – I know because she told me so.

I heard a rumor that a flea market is opening. I know something about fleas, and I know something about markets, but putting the two together really mystifies me. Maybe I can find out by going to the Ark website at www.arkanimalrescue.weebly. com to find out exactly what this is all about. I heard my mom asking someone to help there. I wonder are they selling fleas? I know where you can get some free. Well, just in case you would like to help, call the Paws and Claws Bookstore at 562-2100 to find out more.

                     Your friend, Buddy