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Four legs, a lick and a wag


“Pooches Paddle”

Are you kidding me? Paddle for the Pooches? What in the world are you talking about? People are talking about this as have heard this mention several times… I am wondering how I am supposed to paddle?

It is sort of hard for me to hold the paddle, sit on the big seat and make the canoe go.

Actually, it is the very first Doggie Paddle for the Pooches. The Mongo River Run is offering to ARK sanctuary 100% of the money collected for the Pooches River Run. 100% oh my goodness this is just awesome!

August 12th, with free hot dogs… (Oh - my tail wags; they are giving away hot dogs? I think I am pretty hot I hope they don’t give me away!) chips and lemonade. The picnic begins at noon with the trip down the river at 12:30.

It is about 4 miles and should take about an hour and half. YES, leashed dogs are welcome to come and participate (life jackets are a great idea for your canine friend and a necessity for you. Mongo will furnish people life jackets.) The cost is only $25.00 for a canoe (up to 3 people) or a kayak (1 person). You may pre-register at or 336-2574.

Rumor has it I might even be at the event; of course I will not let anyone know I am due to the Buddy contest still running through August. You may see me, may even pet me and not know I am the real Buddy.

I am expecting to have some great fun not letting anyone know who I am. I am thinking this is super cool of the Mongo River Run people to help promote the ARK sanctuary and to furnish the picnic. Wiggles and Wags to you! Thank you very much for doing this.

If you pre register and complete the journey your name will go into a drawing (I am not sure exactly what this is but I am sure you know) and you will be eligible for a free trip of your choice down the river at another time. Happiness is Ice Cream in Howe has several free cones to give away to the largest and smallest dog that make the river run.

Wow, these sure sounds like a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon - I can’t wait and I really like ice cream. If you would like to be a part of the generosity of Mongo River Run and “pay it forward” you may bring dog food for the Paws and Claws book store in Howe. We can always use food for all my friends who are having a tough time right now. There is some mention of some kind of super duper special pop corn at the River Run too. I love pop corn. I can’t wait to see what is special about this.

Please don’t forget about the Buddy contest; or Buddy, P.O. Box 95 Howe, Ind. 46764. And, remember the entries are due by the last day of August.

Coming soon on September 18th is the ARK dinner and auction. This is my night! I will be in person? Nope, dog. Prizes will be awarded, all pictures will be displayed and the contest winner will be announced. Tickets are now available at the Paws and Claws bookstore. Get your entry in soon, time is running short!

Your Friend,