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Four legs, a lick and a wag


Dear friends,

Wiggles and wags to Norma and Marie for material and sewing for the new kerchiefs at the Paws and Claws Bookstore. Check them out, they are pretty awesome! I have a couple and I think I am pretty much the cat’s meow even though I am a dog.

Wiggles and wags to Cole Miller for the nifty new sign at the Ark Animal Sanctuary. Cole used this as his project for the Eagle Scout award. Thanks Cole, job well done! All my friends are talking about how neat it looks. They are saying they are sure it will help bring people to take them to their forever homes.

Wiggles and wags to Dennis and Preston for helping Ark with technology. I can press all the keys on the computer real well, but no one can understand what I say. These guys are awesome, they know all about the blog and website and plus they make sense when they type. Thanks guys!

This story was sent to me from a friend in Ohio.

A homeless man is thanking his dog, Buddy, for heroics that may well have saved his life.

On Wednesday afternoon, the man – whose identity is not being released by police – tucked a note into his dog’s harness with a hastily written plea for help. Since early that morning he had been unable to move, lying on the floor of the makeshift home he had constructed in the woods.

“This was his last-ditch effort. He thought he was going to die,” said a detective of the police department.

Luckily, a woman who frequently walked her dog through the woods recognized Buddy and noticed the note. The word “HELP” was scribbled in large font, with the plea: “Send help. No joke. Cannot walk.”

The woman quickly dialed 911, but what was missing from the SOS was the man’s name or any indication of where he was. But on the other side of the scrap paper were directions to the Department of Social and Health Services, which frequently works with the area’s homeless.

Police scoured the woods, known to have a large homeless population, looking for make-shift shelters where the injured man may have been. After a short search, the man was found and transported to a hospital where he was treated and released.

“This was his best friend, and the one he relied on when he needed someone the most,” said the detective. “It’s one of those heartwarming stories that kind of remind you of Lassie."

The man is recovering with friends, and Buddy by his side.

How neat is this, my name is Buddy and I was rescued and this dog’s name is Buddy and he helped rescue someone, too. I would say this is a win-win deal. I love it when a plan comes together.

This week is Ark’s membership drive at Miller’s Super Valu on Thursday and Friday. Stop in and get your carnation for that special person and find out all the cool things that are going on at the sanctuary. This is one way you can become a member of Ark and find out all the ways you can help at the sanctuary and the Paws and Claws Bookstore in Howe. I am not sure I will be there, but I can tell you I sure hope I can.

The robins are back from wherever they go and that means spring can’t be far down the road. It’s neat to hear them chirping in the morning when I go for my walk with my friends. I can’t wait to warm up in the sunshine in the backyard.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Your friend, Buddy